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  1. All right you amateur sleuths and detectives, here is one for you. I found this strap that I believe came with a one of the used guitars I recently purchased. I absolutely LOVE this strap and would like to buy another - here's the problem: There are no identifying markings of any kind on the strap. Nothing on the woven part, nothing on the leather and nothing under the adjustment buckle. I have done a ton of research and have come up empty. The one previous owner I believe may have sent it when I bought his guitar is nowhere to be found and this is driving me nuts… By the way - the colors look different in the photos but it's because of the flash - the darker is a better representation of the actual strap color. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance… Scott
  2. Thank you all for the comments on the K&K Mini. Looks as if I will be picking one up and giving it a whirl. Have you had to use a pre-amp in any stage / venue situation? Working in a large room with good sized band using a direct box with a house mix. Thinking of getting the K&K pre-amp (street about $90.00) just in case I need a bit of a boost. Scott
  3. Thinking of purchasing a Sheraton II and was wondering where they were made. I've heard the eariler models were made in Korea and the newer ones are from China. Quality (fit/finish) on the Sheratons? Thanks, Scott
  4. Love my 2007 Standard Fade Tobacco…. Sweetest LP I've played.
  5. Anybody using a K & K mini pickup? Thoughts? Sound quality?
  6. One happy guy - recently picked up a Woody Guthrie SJ Limited. One of the finest guitars I have ever played... Looking forward to many years of pleasure to come. Anybody else have one? Thanks, Scott
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