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  1. > Has anyone tried a fender clip on.I hear they are great? I have a Fender FT-004 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner [$7.96 at Amazon] and it works great.
  2. > Were the Allen wrenches in a separate, small clear plastic "utility pouch", with a strap to keep the flap closed ? Yep!
  3. Have bought two new Epiphones in the past month, both online from Musician's Friend. Here's what I received with each. PR-150 Acoustic - plastic Ziploc pouch containing: Owner's Manual Epiphone poster Epiphone bumper sticker Truss rod Allen wrench Les Paul Special I w/P90s - plastic Ziploc pouch containing: Owner's Manual Epiphone poster Epiphone bumper sticker Truss rod Allen wrench Bridge Allen wrench
  4. Hi there - I just purchased an Epiphone LP Special I with P90s. It has a wraparound bridge and there's nothing in the Owner's Manual on how to adjust it. I also can't find anything on the Epiphone website. Can anyone point me to some documentation? Thanks!
  5. Have seen a few questions on this topic both here and in a few other forums, so I thought I'd share the response I received from Gibson Customer Service when I asked: "Hi there - what are the differences between the Epiphone DR-100 and PR-150 acoustic guitars? Thanks, Bob" Hello Bob, Thanks for writing. The PR-150 model is essentially the same as the DR-100 which was made available through select retailers.
  6. Willy, I found it on craigslist - seller lived about a mile from my place. Except for a few very minor belt buckle marks on the back it's in immaculate shape. Action and sound are both great, harmonics at the 12th fret are spot on. Going to throw a new set of Ernie Balls on it this weekend. Got it for $225 - I think that's an OK deal, very happy with my find. Bob
  7. Thanks for the prompt and very helpful responses! > How about some pics? But of course...
  8. Hi there! I just acquired a used Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top. The serial number is EE070603205, which indicates that it was made at the China Qingdao Plant in June 2007. My guitar does not have push-pull coil switching, while the current model of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard *does* have push-pull coil switching. I've checked the "is this a fake" sites and from all indications my guitar is not a counterfeit. Is not having the push-pull coil switching normal for this age and model guitar that I have? If so, when was the push-pull coil switching feature added to the Epi Les Paul Standard? Thanks, Bob in St. Paul
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