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  1. Whats going on DJ's? I just tried "looping" on the 4dj, beautiful! My question is...how the hell do I turn it off? Looked on virtual manual that I downloaded from original packaging when I bought the unit...it said hit "Auto" what auto button? How do I remove and/or delete the "loop" feature? The "loop" and "reloop" button still flashing and I turned off scs 4dj over night?
  2. Thanks Gibson Tech...I've figured it out...I was a complete...total...rookie...so that probaly was the main reason for my problem! lol
  3. Thanks DJ Nuno...I've figured it out...I was a complete...total...rookie...so that probaly was the main reason for my problem! lol
  4. Hello to all the DJ's! I have almost 900 songs on my brand new flash drive. 16Gig. Normally I add new songs and allow the new songs to be "Analized" on the SCS itself, NO PROBLEM! Just takes a few minutes to finish "Analizing". So I discovered a free program by NCH for changing the tags (names of songs, albums, etc), worked fine. Adding several songs at a time! So...one morning I got in a zone (lol) and tagged and placed an approxiate 25-50 songs on my flash drive My issue now.... Now the "Analysis" icon on the SCS monitor/screen is ON with the "n/a" in the "BPM" section for probaly a day or day and a half! When I inially "Analized" my catalog of songs (700 songs), it took about 2 days, but that was 700 songs, Why is it taking so long for "Analyzing" only 25-50 songs? Is something wrong? What are some fixes? Im ready to continue learning how to DJ!! Please HELP!!
  5. DJ's how yall doin? Hope yall doing good! Im a totally brand new DJ, so excuse me for my potential basic questions.... My issue... I dont know if its me OR I have a faulty SCS...my "A" or left platter DOES NOT seem to allow me to SCRATCH on it! This is my SECOND brand new SCS (I returned the first one based on the retailers troubleshooting suggestion), it does allow me to back spin and/or go back in the song, BUT I cant seem to be able to SCRATCH! Is it me? Perhaps because like I mentioned earlier, IM A BRAND NEW DJ...BUT...I am a musician and Ive been around DJ's all my career SO I have a understanding of music equipment, knowledge etc. Why cant I "SCRATCH" on my "A" platter? The "B" platter seems to work fine. Please HELP!!
  6. Hello DJ's! Hope everyone is doing great! As a guy thats been around DJ's all my life, Ive never been a DJ myself! Im not embarking on the art! My current issue with the SCS is that I seem to accidentally add CUE points, so when I want to go back to the beginning of the song, it goes back to the CUE POINT that was set accidentally! The CUE POINT stays there even after rebooting the SCS. 1. How can I erase the accidentally generated CUE POINTS? (My assumption is that I add CUE POINTS by touching the platters when in "Touch" mode) Please HELP!! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello everyone! Im a music artist from Chicago now living in California! My new musical endeavor is of bein a mobile DJ using the Stanton SCS 4DJ! So everyone be patient wit me, im a ROOKIE DJ!! lol

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