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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I've read negative comments about the 60's models but the one I played sounded great - boomy and rich - and for a strummer like me nice and playable. Never played a 50s or 40s model though so nothing to compare. The TV was also great. Couldn't A/B them as different sellers. Anyway leaning to the TV overall. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all What would you choose: 1) 1966 j45; bridge now fixed ( modified); pretty banged up but no structural stuff at all - straight and sounds and plays great. 2) a new j45 TRue Vintage. It's new from a dealer. Also sounds and plays great. Both pretty much the same price. One consideration..I have a son who's a much better player than me. When I'm dead and gone in 30 years and he's my age now...which will have stood the test of time better. I like the idea of him or a grandchild playing the old mans guitar every day. Views appreciated.
  3. Thanks for that info Nick. I'll try to check out the bridge on the one I'm looking at more closely.
  4. Thanks for that - clarifies it for me. As an aside the 1966 one I played sounded great. Much better to my ears than a new standard or even the new true vintage I tried. Over here in Australia though they're not cheap...so I'm coming to terms with paying more for a banged up 50 year old than for a shiny new one..,
  5. Hi all first post and apologies in advance for a possibly/probably stupid question. I have been looking at a 1966 j45adj, and in most of my related searching I've only noticed adjustable bridge models in the mid 60s j 45 s I've seen advertised. So my question is... Were all mid 60 j45 s made with adjustable bridges...or just some? If it was just some, my second question would be...would an adj model which had mods done to fix the bridge be, to all intents and purposes, identical to a non-adjustable version? Hope that makes sense. Your expert advice much appreciated. David
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