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  1. On mine the action is set really low 3/64 low strings, 2/64 high strings. And the buzz is not too disturbing.
  2. I have a buzz as well. Somwhere around 5-6 frets. I checked my guitar and found a hight fret that is causing it. Check yours or take it to luthier to properly identify problem.
  3. Thanks guys for your replies. I think I will stay with stock pickups. If changing pickups would be as easy as on solid body I would do it right away, just to check if it is better or not. But it is a trickier on semi, so I just save myself some time.
  4. Yes, mine is visible only at certain light and at certain angle. Usually I don't see it.
  5. Thanks guys for your replies. I own new Sheraton II with Alnico Classic Humbuckers both in bridge and neck. This is my first semi hollow. I have experience with solid body guitars and can easily tell if the pickups are good or bad. I have almost no experience with semi hollows, I like the sound of the stock pickups but maybe with the new ones the guitar sound will really open up.
  6. Hi guys, Being a new owner of the sheraton II I started wondering if the stock pickups on it as bad as they say. I read lost of reviews and everybody saying that stock pickups are awful. But my experience with them is a little different. I don't think they are as bad as they say. And I own other guitars with high quality brands like Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle and Joe Barden. This is my first hollow body and maybe with different pickups it will sound much better. What is your experience with the stock pickups? And if the pickups are really bad, what would you recommend? I like the tone of the bridge one, what pickup will give me the similar tone? Before I got this guitar I've been thinking of getting p-rails, what do you think about this choice? Alex.
  7. Thanks guys. I like the guitar, how it sounds and the playability so it is a keeper. I just wanted to check if this problem is common or not.
  8. Hey fellow Epi owners. While inspecting my Sheraton II MIC I noticed probably bad finish on my guitar. You can see it circled on a first photo and close up of it on the second. Interesting, but I was at another guitar store and noticed they have the same model of Sheraton II, I checked it and it had the same finish issue as mine. My question is it really problem with the finish and it make sense to exchange my guitar? Thanks, Alex.
  9. Hi Fellow Epi owners I just joined a club and bought Epiphone Sheraton II made this or maybe previous year. Guitar looks and plays great with just one thing that I would like to improve - tuning stability. I am thinking about getting roller bridge, but looking at the forum I see a lot of posts on getting it for Korean made Sheratones. Can you recommend roller bridge for Chinese Sheraton ? Or maybe other suggestions for improving tuning stability? Many thanks Alex.
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