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  1. as always, Dan is a wealth of true and accurate info. I've owned Historics since 2001. I had read posts that Gibson used to send owners new Certs., but I never knew of anyone actually getting one. As Dan/CR9 stated, Gibson doesn't issue them anymore and hasn't for years. Guys were able to photoshop/print/create Certs, so the whole idea of the original orange Certs for R6/7/8's that started in early-mid 2001 (and somewhat sporadically, at that....R9's had the white paper w/brown/gold lettering a few years before that) was eventually dropped in favor of the black and now currently brown "booklet" type Cert. As for Guitar Center having it....forget it...I remember going to GC in 2002 or 2003 and they had some Lifton Cases. In the cases were certs for guitars they had sold. I wish I knew they were important...the salesman told me, " nah we don't keep 'em" and proceeded to grab both from the cases I was looking at and tore them up and tossed them in the garbage. One I definitely recall being a Cert for a Murphy R9......the other an orange cert. To me and most knowledgable Historic buyers could care less about the Cert. There are many more ( and much more important) ways or "certifying" that the guitar is in fact a Gibson Historic reissue/Custom Shop etc. Gibson Customer Service ( usually) will help you out if you provide the serial number and description, that the number matches the type of guitar you have.
  2. WC58

    WTB R7 Goldtop

    Id' definitely like to know how the neck specs out and get a confirmation on the weight....feel free to private msg me and thanks..!! Dave
  3. WC58

    WTB R7 Goldtop

    Hey Dan..... Tried a Parnell.....wasn't bad....but it already had a buyer on it. As for a CR7, I've been looking for one......can't find 'em.....if you know of any.... I know we have talked at length already...( remember 2 years ago I missed by minutes, that CR7 Custom BB ( well GB= Green Beauty...lol) OK, not a Goldtop, but a triple p'up CR7 Custom with that huge neck would've worked IIRC the serial was 7 62022... Anyway, I'll find one at some point. As usual, if you hear of anything, ring me up Dave
  4. WC58

    WTB R7 Goldtop

    Actually, I've owned quite a few of these beasts..... I don't know what R7's you've had experience with, but I have never come across a "V" shaped neck on any Historic, much less an R7. I don't know where that's coming from. I've owned over 20 and have done work on over 100 Historics ranging from the late 90's through 2014. So yes, I know what specs certain years "typically" have. Without beating this dead horse, all 8 of the '00, 01' and '02's (1 '00 R7, 2 '01 R7's, 3 01' R8's, 1 '02 R7 and 1 '02 R8) that I owned had very large/fat "C" shaped necks and all were between 8 lbs 6 oz and 8 lbs 13 oz. And yes, there was/is a definite change in neck shapes (much less shoulder and not as deep) than previous model years, starting with the 2009's. But thanks for the input.
  5. Mods, if this isn't allowed, I apologize. I'm searching far and wide for a '00-'07 R7 Goldtop. I don't care about condition, but I have two absolute requirements. it must be 8 lbs 15 oz or less Neck size MUST be massive....big shoulders, Fat "C", beefy, chunky etc and at least .945" depth at the first fret.... The should be one of those guitars that typical guitarists run from, because the neck is so ridiculously HUGE. The reason for those years listed above, is that they "typically" have those style necks. I already know that anything '09 and newer will not work... I could care less about CoA's, case candy etc. I will pay a finders fee if you locate me one.... Thanks
  6. Well it would not be a (true, anyway) 55 reissue with humbuckers. The Historic/Reissue models dropped the Custom Shop logo in the mid 90's, so that excludes it from being a 2005/Historic. But Gibson may use it on special order/one-offs. I can't see the font of the serial. That, many times can provide a clue as to which decade it was built. Perhaps a special order 55 Custom with Humbuckers???.....Gib Cust Serv should be able to shed some light
  7. WC58

    VOS Rust

    Yes the rust is real and the rust will continue. If you're that concerned about it, I would buy a replacement NOS ABR bridge and tailpiece. Simply put the new parts on and have a tech do a fresh set up. Bag the stock parts and save. It's that simple. If you're concerned about the sloppy/sticky VOS gunk on the finish, spend the $20.00 and buy a bottle of Virtuoso Cleaner and a bottle of Virtuoso Polish. An old (clean, please) 100% cotton t-shirt and 1/2's worth of elbow grease and you'll have your gloss finish. Dave PS. depending on your body's pH level and how much you sweat when you play, you may find your new "unusted" parts aging very quickly as well. Or maybe not at all.
  8. You can find a 2014 or even a 2013 "left over" at a very fair price. I would say you should be able to find one and not pay more than $3.5-$3.7k. A store may hold out for more based on color, top and weight. But then again, if they have new stock 2013 and 14's I'm sure they'll make a great deal to move the piece. Good luck
  9. WC58

    ES 339 setup.

    Hi Lyn, Late to the party here, but yes, flip the saddles around. Most of my Gibsons have at least one, sometimes more, saddles going the opposite direction. Perfectly fine to do that Dave
  10. My 2014 R8 came with strings with the colored ends, indicating to me that D'Addario strings were being used. I know nickel-plated steel strings are stock. No matter, stock strings came off and I put my Gibson Vintage, pure nickel 10-46's on. Yeah, yeah I know, everyone says they suck. I happen to love them..!! To each his own.
  11. WC58

    Gibson L5S

    Great looking guitar. I remember when these first came out. Typical in many ways of Norlin era Gibbys in the 70's..( I'm assuming this is from that original era) The thin, lighter-weight body was a nice break from the usual 10 lb (or more..!!!) LP Standards/Deluxe/Customs from that time period ( although I know these easily pushed the 9 lb threshold) Nicely decorated, decent tops, thin/flat necks and a TP-6 Fine Tune tail piece. I don't know what price this is at, but if you like it, can afford and are happy with the price, then go for it. The ironic thing is, it will sound nothing like an L-5. If I remember correctly, it more of a Les Paul-but-thinner-sound. But again, as I have written in other posts, forget what we all think. If it speaks to you, then you're 99% of the way home. This is basically a non-chambered, closed top CS-356, in many ways.....
  12. I agree with CR9 First of all, its definitley NOT Ebony. ( in reference to another comment) Rosewood can come in a variety of light, dark or a combo of colors. And I'm speaking as an owner of over 50 Historic Les Pauls, ES's (330/335/336/339), Custom Shop Teles and Strats and a few vintage pieces. As CR9 noted, you have a unique colored board. I happen to also like stuff that isn't cookie-cutter-same-as-all-the-other-guitars-out-there, guitars. I know Mr. CR9 from another forum and his knowledge, experience and opinion is right on and can be trusted. I actually think it looks kind of cool. But you have to play it and like it. If it's appearance bothers you, ship it back. If the guitar speaks to you ( feel, tone, weight etc) and you're only worried about there being something "wrong" with the board (which I do not think there is) then by all means keep it and enjoy it. Dave
  13. WOW great story and thats one awesome looking guitar...... congrats
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