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  1. Oh well Stanton.,, due to lack of anything from you, you have lost a loyal customer, I was prepared to purchase a updated Stanton controller but sick of waiting for reply's, I have just purchased the Numark IDJ Pro, with ipad , I love it.
  2. Yes Stanton is ignoring us, and yes I have the same problem, I don't even use slow grid anymore, I just use the SCS4dj to analyse new songs, I work with playlist a lot, I also hate it when you cant add or delete songs to an existing playlist without creating a new playlist, pisses me off I end up with so many playlist with only a few songs added or deleted., Why no firmware update Stanton?, do us the courtesy and reply.
  3. I am also ready for a new deck, I have been emailing Stanton for an update but I don't get any advice on an updated sCS4DJ, I am now waiting for the Gemini SDJ-2000 to be released, I have only seen pictures but it looks like everything that I'm looking for , especially the bigger screen, I think everyone who uses the SCS4DJ should keep hassling Stanton for some news on a new SCS4DJ , either they are or they aren't releasing a new updated model, if they do hopefully it will have all the improvements that everyone on this forum has been asking for.
  4. Yes I have heaps, but best to read my topic suggested improvements to scs4dj, see my list, those DJs who actually like this machine can you please tell me how you keep your playlists updated without all the messing around and why still cant we search by title or artist.
  5. Hi Timsan Its really good to hear from someone, the echo effect addition sounds like a great idea to me, but I don't think anyone actually listens, in regards to the playlist issue everytime I add or delete a song to my play list on the scs4dj to avoid having the same list with only the addition of a few songs, I actually remove the hard drive from the secure compartment and connect to my computer, then I delete the old lists, this is a pain but I'm not left with any other option because some stupid program designer thought this is what DJs would like. Cheers
  6. Hey Thanks for a reply, I was starting to think that people only read on this forum and don't reply, I used the scs4dj for 5 hours solid last week, the cue point feature you mention was an issue, I didn't realise the unit did this, this unit is close to being very good but as you said lacks the basics, I must say 5 hours of looking at that little screen was starting to become an issue, I think I now need glasses, how about a little flip down screen a little bigger, or the ability to connect a monitor, what a great idea! My BIGGEST concern is adding and deleting songs to already created playlists, why cant we save the SAME playlist over and over again,( Without creating a new one ) is this such a big thing to develop, I don't think so, my DDS80 which is 6 years old has the ability to do this. cheers mate
  7. Wow, 55 views and no comments, looks like no one feels my pain, I'll be going back to my numark DDS80,Im selling my scs4dj, I hope the developers at least read this forum. Cheers
  8. Wow, I just had a look, looks impressive, I've recently purchased the scs4dj so I guess numark will have to wait
  9. Hello I am new to the scs4dj but have used it on a few gigs now, I would love some of your thoughts on some of the improvements that I would like to see, if anyone agrees maybe Stanton will read this. 1)the ability to hook up an external monitor that mirrors the small screen, the screen is a little small for me. 2) the ability to be able to navigate through the different devices connected to the scs4dj, currently it puts all the music together, this is OK but it makes it very hard when you don't know the songs or audio you are searching for. This actually happened to be on my first night using the scs4dj, the bride handed me a USB drive and ask me to play the attached speech, I asked her what the file name was and guess what she didn't know!, so how am I supposed to find that audio?? 3)The ability to add and delete songs to an ALREADY created playlist, I work with playlists all the time and am always adding and deleting songs, I know I can save an active playlist but that doesn't help if I have to re-name it after adding just one song, and doing this process over and over every time I add or delete a song. To increase the search to more characters, lets say about 15 should help, its still hard to find specific songs or artists, or another idea would be to be able to search by EITHER Title or Artists. Maybe I have just been spoilt using the now out dated Numark DDS80 but it had all these features Thanks
  10. Hi, I have used quick grid to analyse my songs, problem is it says failed on about 200 songs and song error when I search for them on the scs4dj, in some case the failed song is from the same CD as a song that didn't fail, so what's happening here? the failed songs work perfectly when I play hem on my computer using iTunes, help please
  11. Hi Thanks for your reply, I deleted all the playlists and re-did them, the same songs are still missing, not sure why, is a mpeg audio file compatible?,( all the missing songs appear when I search for them in browse, but they don't appear in the playlist that I created on iTunes ) I figured out that I do have preview, I didn't realise I could only preview the song after doing a search on it. Yes I do use a keyboard. After using the SCS4DJ for a day now there are so many things I would love to see improved although I am happy with my purchase, my Numark DDS80 although slow has so many more features I just assumed the Stanton SCS4DJ would already have these. eg The ability to navigate through different USB playlists without dumping them all in browse, what if at a function I am given a USB with lets say 20 songs that the brides wants played and I don't actually know the songs, how do I just bring up those songs?? I work with playlists all the time adding and removing songs, this is really difficult on the SCS4DJ, WE NEED A ADD TO PLAYLIST FEATURE or REMOVE FROM PLAYLIST FEATURE, I Know I can save a playlist on the unit after I have added songs, but then then I would have to go to my PC and delete the original playlist. Would be great to be able to search by either song or artist with more characters, eg searching for the song beautiful, do you know how many times the work beautiful comes up with my database. has any one else ever suggested these improvements?? would Stanton listen?? I'm only a new user to the SCS4DJ so not sure, I love the sync and effects and loop functions, don't really need hot cues, what can T say , I do weddings Cheers
  12. From Canberra Australia, just testing this baby out and looking through these posts, I hope this unit is reliable
  13. This needs to be changed, you should be able to add songs to an existing playlist without going through the PC, my DDS80 had this feature and that's 6 years old,
  14. Ok, I have my system up and running, set up in the garage to give it a go, I have created several playlists as a m3u file from iTunes and everything seems ok except some of the songs haven't transferred to the SCS4dj,eg my country playlist should have 69 songs but is only displaying 65, should I delete the playlist and start again?? I have installed firmware version 5.0 but don't seem to have the preview button as stated as a new feature of version 5.0, the area where it should be is blank, what's happened here?? should I install version 5.0 again?? Also how do I distinguish what songs are on different usb devices, it seems to put them all together and you have to search for them, is there a way I can navigate from different usb drives and just bring up the songs on that particular drive, my DDS80 had this feature and very easy to navigate between usb devices. Also is there a way of searching by artist or song?? I would love to hear from someone Cheers
  15. Hi Bourke Thanks for your detailed reply That's a shame about the monitor, it would be a great feature. I don't know why someone doesn't make a all in one player with a slightly bigger screen?? I tried to find the playlist that I wanted to delete on my USB hard drive but couldn't find it, I found the other playlists that I created on my computer but the one I cant find is the one that I created on the actual SCS4DJ, I will have another look for it. I already did all the checks you suggested, I had no sound through the headphones at all, the shop doesn't have any others in stock to test another unit, they are sending it back, so it will be a week or so before I get to use it. Thanks for all your other information, I will have a lot of other questions when I actually get to use the SCS4DJ,so you will hear from me again, in the mean time I will be getting my playlists setup on my computer. I do have one other question, my DDS80 has a feature where I can copy from one drive to another, I use this a lot when I want to copy 3 or 4 songs to my main playing drive, does the SCS4DJ have this?? Thanks for your re assurance on the unit, I'm sure it will be fine, just a bit of a mystery why this new unit isn't working Cheers
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