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  1. If they listen to people like they say they are, they need someone to go out and talk to people. He seems like he can already give a lot of knowledge of what people are looking for. He might be able to let Gibson know what is going to sell. Also, he give them an instant presence on you tube. I don't know if Bozeman needs him as much as Nashville. I will watch any content Gibson puts out, but I don't just take their word for it. The independent reviews are pretty important, which you won't get from anyone working for Gibson. I watch all of Don's videos, and he does a good job showing products in the best light, but he isn't going to tell you that something is no good. If it gets to production, his job is to sell it. Gibson acoustic, for the most part doesn't have a problem here, because it has been mostly good stuff. Nashville, on the other hand, needed someone to stop the bad ideas before they got to production. A few bad ideas has taken years for them to recover from. Even the best salesmen, and brand experience people can't sell a bad product.

  2. Sweetwater and Musicans Friend are both large mail order suppliers that ship internationally. The great part is, if you don't like it, you can send it back. So if you get a dud, you can try again. I think you get 30 days to decide to keep it or send it back. If you buy from them, I would call and talk to someone instead of just clicking and adding it to your cart. They can get a feel for what you are looking for even with in the same model. Not all standard j 200's sound the same, but they know what a good one is. They will play it for you if you want and match it to what you tell them. If you want a brighter one, they can find it. If you want one that is more mellow, they can find it. If you get it and don't think what they told you is what you hear, you can send it back. But if you talk to them and tell them what you want, the chance of having to send it back is much less. Also, they might give you their "best" price if you talk to someone directly.



    Same things have happened here - worldwide really - all the manufacturing has gone to Asia, no cars made here at all.



    You mean the Subaru Outback, that Paul Hogan was in the add for, isn't made in Australia? I feel like they lied to me.

  4. Nice one Sal! My AJ is my only Gibson that I didn't buy new. Mostly because they are hard to find, I've never seen a new one for sale anywhere. Mine was scratched up and dented a little too. The cool thing about that is I am not afraid to scratch it up myself. Enjoy yours!

  5. Not being real familiar with Gibsons, what makes a 45 different than a 35 other than cosmetics?


    Admittedly I have little experience skill-wise but in my short tenure previous to this 're-beginning' I became very familiar with Martins (I live fairly close to Nazareth and have visited the factory many, many times). I learned enough about them to understand differences in construction, woods, and styles, and really prefer the sound of mahogany more than other tone-woods, hence the J-35. In fact, the J-35 tone reminds me a bit of the D-18 I once owned...and both are very light and loud.

    The biggest difference is the bracing pattern. A J 45 has a standard X brace, and a J 35 has the wider advanced brace. The wider advanced brace pattern leaves the bottom bout opened a little wider. Enjoy your J 35, they are awesome!

  6. Jinder,

    This is the guitar that got it all started for me. The first Gibson guitar that I ever touched was The Everly. My dad got one of the 100 th anniversary reissues from '94. It was his dream guitar, and was a long time before he let me play it. I was just a beginner and boy was I jealous. I was hooked on all things Gibson for life when that guitar came into our house. I did finally get to play it when I started playing in church. He installed a pick up in it, and it was the only one we had that could be plugged in. And yes, it is a fun one to strum away on. Those anniversary ones were a little different than the classic idea of the J 180. They had a mustache bridge and the pick guard is like a black with white border type of thing. At the time I didn't know that it was any differen than the originals, but I really have always thaught they looked better the way Dad's is. The tortoise pick guards are ok, but I like his. Also, they were officially called the Everly, not the J 180 at that time. The double guard does subdue the sound a little, but like you alluded to, it is a fun strummer.

  7. I found my 2006 AJ used at a local shop. At the price I paid, it is by far the best value of any guitar I own. It is the only used guitar I have, but at almost half the price of a new one, it was like I couldn't afford not to buy it. At least that's how I justified it to myself. Actually, I jumped at the chance to buy it. It's the only one I have ever run acrossed for sale, new or used. When I got it, I could not have afforded a new one, but the price was right on the used one.

  8. I speak here from experience.


    There are several rules in life.


    1) Never start a land war in Asia.


    2) Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.


    3) Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.


    4) Make sure you and your bride make steady time for each other - regular date nights.


    5) There are no shortage of folks who will tell you that you are not good enough, and point out your flaws. Don't ever help them.


    6) When someone tells you to try Almond Butter, smack them and go buy a jar of peanut butter.


    7) Never trust the banks.


    8) Never trust people who don't like dogs.


    9) Right Tighty Lefty Loosey


    10) Never sell a J50.



    And your J50 is a twin of mine! NOOOOO

    You can build up your tolerance to iocaine powder, but that won't help a bit when you are stricken by a bad case of GAS.

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