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  1. The epiphone sheraton II is a beautiful guitar but people always say that it's cool but not to cool as the gibson ES 335 or another expensive guitar. I've seen Matthew Followill (Kings of Leon) playing a sheraton II, also I've seen Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend) playing a Sheraton II and once I saw The Edge from U2 playing one, so... Can the Sheraton be a professional guitar? I mean, does it have that great Quality to play in big gigs and make it your girlfriend to play everywhere? Could you build your own sound using the Sheraton instead of a Gibson? Does it help to change the electronic on the guitar? what do you think? why people always see at the sheraton like a cheap guitar just to play at home. Or are they playing korean epis? haha why are there epis sheraton II that says GIBSON and other have just the "E" logo?
  2. I know this is not about epiphone (if your favorite guitarist use epi would be awesome haha!) but, I mean, I've never liked the shred guitarist like Petrucci, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, I just feel them in an empty way, I can't catch a feeling from them, they are so boring for me, I prefer the guitarist that play with feeling! what do you think about it?
  3. I mean, if you change all parts of Sheraton II with the best and expensive electronics, could it be closer to a Gibson? I like the desing of semi and hollow bodies guitar from Epiphone! thanks for your answers :)
  4. Is the elitist casino as good as the Gibson ES-330?
  5. Is the elitist casino as good as the Gibson ES-330?
  6. I read that he used a lot of Epis and a casino when he was at the studio recording with Oasis.
  7. For example, I have an epi les paul standard and i was thinking about changing all the pieces, electronic and that stuff. Put on it good and expensive P-90's and other things. (Sorry for my bad english)
  8. Is the Elitist Casino a great guitar? I want to get one of those casinos!
  9. What I love from Noel is the fact that he can write amazing songs using simple chords or things like that, he's not a complex musician and I like that, And you're right, that epi les paul didn't last long but he used another epis in later gigs, like this: http://guitarplayer.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/noel_whiteroom2006.jpg http://guitarplayer.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/noel_maineroad.jpg http://guitarplayer.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/gallery_pic284.jpg http://guitarplayer.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/l4e006.jpg http://www.imomi.me/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/l4e002.jpg And other Oasis members also used the epis: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/979/bonehead.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_RuZp_g2Nsn4/SkCsXwU-7CI/AAAAAAAABGw/Hvkdy7RASI0/s400/bonehead_1_300.jpg http://www.oasisfanatic.com/gallery/images/band/pictures/gallery_pic6748.jpg http://www.gemarchergear.com/uploads/1/1/1/7/11178484/1330985576.jpg http://www.gemarchergear.com/uploads/1/1/1/7/11178484/1330998580.jpg http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/upload/oasis_noel_q_11086.JPG
  10. This pics are from one of their early shows as Oasis, Noel was playing an Epi Les Paul Standard I guess! I love Oasis and you?
  11. All the things I've learned was by myself, on internet, playing with friends and stuff like that but then I went with one great teacher called Julio Valle, he's from Guatemala and he taught me a lot of things about music theory and even thought I learned a lot of things with him, when I was writing some stuff, It always came from inside, from my heart, never from the things I learned, I just played all my own riffs and I didn't know where they came from, what scale those riff are, it just came outside from my heart, it's something really amazing! then I realize I play better without learning music Theory or things like that, just by my ear and feelings! (Sorry for my bad english :P I'm from Guatemala jajaja)
  12. Well, I don't know if there are people in this blog who don't like "Shred Guitars" like Satriani, Steve Vai, Govan and stuff like that, I prefer simple or creative guitarist instead of fast players, I love Blues rock, garage rock, experimental, psychodelic, blues, piano rock and others, what kind of music do you play on your epiphone?
  13. I like all beatles albums, but I love them especially from Magical Mystery Tour to their last one.
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