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  1. I have a 58 VOS and "baseball bat with a flat place for the fretboard" is always my description that I give. I personally love it but it's all a matter of taste. Hope you love yours as much as I do. I have quite a few guitars around the house and I still play the 58 Most of the time. Some have not liked the burstbuckers that came in some of the VOS models. There are plenty of choices out there if you want a closer to original Pups for them. Enjoy !
  2. MLee

    2015 Firebird V

    Steve I work for Guitar Center and I sent you a private message to help you get this resolved. Not all stores work the same way. 8) Keep in contact with me through priv. msg's and I will help if I can. I don't work at the store you are dealing with so I am limited on what I can make happen but I don't like anyone having a guitar that's not what they were after. We do not have these kinds of issues in this GC. I have a 2014 FB and its a great one.
  3. I have a 2014 Gibson Firebird and I am looking at changing out pickups. Are the Firebirds wired any differently than usual for a two pick up guitar? Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. Welcome to the Firebird Club ! I have a 2014 and Love the feel and tone of the guitar. I seem to be one of the few who like the 120th anniv banner and the new tuners. One thing you may want to consider is moving the strap button off the back neck area and up on the body like the vintage ones to help the guitar not fall forward. It has a tendency to want to face down when you wear a strap. As for it being a little thin on the lead pickup that's kind of normal since the strings don't move as much back by the bridge as they do over the Neck pickup. As suggested above raising the lead pup and lowering the neck one will help balance it out some. Some of the replacement pups out there have a +5% overwind on the lead pup if you desire to replace the originals.
  5. I work at a guitar center and I was able to put a set of SD antiquities II Firebird Pups in my 2014 and compare the two. The Gibson ones have more fullness but less of the Johnny Winter Honk to them. I did some testing and found if you lower them dowm a bit away from the strings the Gibson ones did give a bit of a different flavor I don't dislike them as much as some people have, I think they do a good job and still has a nice place between my 58 VOS LP and my 81 Strat. The SD antiquities are very very close to the original J WInter sound and I was amazed at how much of a cool *** tone they get. They are quite a bit less output so you may not get the push like the stock Gibson ones but damn do they have a cool tone to them. In the end I kept the SD's in mine but I have the stock ones around in case my attitude and needs change with a new band of something. I figure if I need something beefier then that's where my LP comes in. Hope t helps.
  6. Roam around youtube for backing tracks that let you try new ideas out. This also lets you work on what you know and what you want to test out. For a more standard blues feel For a nice jazzy feel but still restrained enough to let you work on some ideas. More Modal feel If your working on a major Zappa feel then I like this one quite a bit If you hunt around youtube there are quite a few tracks that you can work out the scales and the feel of each scale as you go. Truthfully its all about practice and what you do when you practice.The idea I suggest is be able to move around the neck and tie the 'patterns' together and spend time working on what you need to learn vs just wailing constantly. After a while you just start seeing a whole scale all over the neck and stop thinking in boxes only. Just my 2cents
  7. MLee

    2013 R8 or R9??

    1st off Gratz to Ray for the New Guitar ! Looks awesome and it sounds like you love the tone. Here is my R8 in a flame top.
  8. We had a 2014 at the store that kept going out of tune and we sent it back to Gibson. Three Firebirds later I got one for myself and its doing fine. Not sure whats up but I have heard of a very few of them not holding tune... I use 9-42's on mine and it's doing fine. Mine is a 2014, I am not sure if anything changed from the earlier models.
  9. Music... what else is there?

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