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  1. Bridge on the bass side is high, mine is much lower. .006" my neck relief, and 1.6mm string height on bass and 0.9mm on treble side.
  2. Yeah, its a real tone difference, I had to change my amp settings after installing this .
  3. Ordered last weekend a graph tech Tusq Xl nut for the zerofret nut on the 2015 lp's. Arrived yesterday and changed it right away, drops in just fine, no need to sand what you normaly have to do. The different sound is amazing, titanium vs tusq is huge. Sound warmer/darker, not so harsh anymore, open chords sounds wonderfull. Can recommend it to everybody who owns a gibson 2015, and it looks better, the white vs brass or titanium.
  4. Ty, bought it at the end of 2015 for full price, few months later you could get them with 50% off :( , but it still looks new
  5. They are labeled lead for bridge and rythem for neck, check that. If that is good than likely the neck pickup is set to high or maybe your bridge pickup is to low.
  6. Well he was talking about the BB pro+. I found the BB pro sounds harsh, hope the + doesnt sound any harsher :-) Not much to find on them, the thing I read was that they are a hotter wind of the BB pro, just like you said.
  7. Yeah, I surly would return it, no matter how many % off. to bad, its a nice looking guitar.
  8. Joined this lovely forum to read and ask things about the great Gibson and Epihone guitars. I have a 2015 les paul standard. Replaced the robot turners with vintage gibson kluson tuners (didnt stay in tune for long and it looked kinda stupid on your headstock, finally replaced it after 6 months). Replaced the Burstbucker Pro bridge pickup with a classic 57+, and it sounds good paired with the burstbucker pro neck, the bridge BB pro sounded way to harsh, treble. Put a pickguard bracket on it, looked silly without it. Replaced the speedknobs with gibson hat style knobs. This year I'm going to replace the titanium nut with a bone nut. greetings Lamaar.
  9. Johnny Marr. John McGeoch. All the 50's and 60's rockabilly style players.
  10. Emperor Swingster. I put a pick guard on, I think they look way better than without one :-) And I put gretsch style knobs on for that rockabilly look! I'm gonna replace the bigsby b30 with a bigsby b60, I dont like the Chet Atkins wire handle.
  11. Update. I got my new guitar today, and guess what, this one doesnt work proper either... the bridge pickup works good in both parallel and serie, but the neck one only works in serie, dont work if you put it in parallel (when you push against the wires inside you get a sound for few seconds but its gone if you move the guitar). Doesnt the factory check these thing before they get shipped? I find they a poorly put together. And btw now it came with a pickguard, so my order of the 76 dollar pickguard from the usa I can throw in the trash. To bad I didnt bought the Gretsh G5420T.
  12. I ordered the guitar online (new). I'v seen one guy on a forum that didnt had one either with his swingster, maybe the only come with the royal? Well, its shipped today, so I hope it will fit when I get it BTW, I had to send my swingster back and got a new one, because the pickup switch was loose and you could move it to all sides. The neck pickup didnt work, only the bridge one worked, and the bridge pickup was all the way up so it touched the high E string and at the low E string it was 5 mm below it. Cleary this wasnt checked in the factory or the store that sold it. I was pretty pissed when I phoned them. They had the guitar pickup up the next day and send me a new one the next day, so thats oke I guess.
  13. Hi all, Its impossible to find one of these, its the same one as the Joe Pass emperor ones, but you cant find them anywhere either, I had to order a custom made one in the USA (I'm from the Netherlands myself), so its going to be an expensive one incl. shipping, (and hoping it fits good!) I find it strange that Epiphone isnt selling those. My emperor swingster didnt came with a clear plexiglass pickguard like the rest of the people who bought one got, so I cant make one myself. I would be great If Epiphone would sell those pickguards, see lots of people on forums that are searching for different pickguards. cheers!
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