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    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

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  2. Hi guys I thought I'd share this on here! G minor pentatonic (G Bb C D F) works great and you can use G harmonic minor (G A Bb C D Eb F#) for the D7 chords.... Tons of fun! Also, the intro is played on a 1987 Gibson Les Paul custom lite :) HAPPY JAMMING!
  3. Hi guys! Thought I'd share this fun Blues backing track with y'all Intro played on a 1968 Gibson 335 :) HAPPY JAMMING!
  4. Thought I'd share this Guitar Remix of Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5 with you guys! LOVE that Gibson Les Paul - it's a custom maduro brown
  5. Bruno Mars single 24K Magic on my 1968 Gibson 335... so much fun, love the song and LOVE this instrument
  6. Hi guys Thought some of you guys might have fun with this competition! QuistJam is having a January Jam-off competition - and there's still a week left to enter!! Some nice contributions in there already... Check em out Prizes include a Skype lesson with the #1 most popular guitar teacher in the world, Marty Schwartz, a practice headphone amp, books, jam album downloads, cool practice gadgets and more! Check it out and enter here [video=youtube;b7kdtgD4KDs] Have fun \m/
  7. Hi guys, Today I'm celebrating blues guitarist Freddie King with this specially made King-style uptempo Blues backing track in E! The intro at the start was played on my Gibson 335 (sunburst) from 1968, which I picked up in New York a handful of years ago. For those who like to play along to jam tracks themselves..... happy jamming!! Born on this day in 1934, King blended Texas and Chicago Blues into a fiery and creative style of his own...he's just a super-inspiring player!!
  8. Hi Guys, Thought I'd share this here..... HOW MANY CAN YOU NAME???? Jazz on a Les Paul
  9. Hi guys Thought I'd share my new video on here as it features a Gibson Les Paul custom Maduro Brown The track has Guy Pratt on bass (from Pink Floyd, Gary Moore, etc) and Dave De Rose (Mark Ronson) on drums. If you like it, please share THANKS!
  10. Hi all, I love this track, so I made a London style instrumental guitar version :) Gear: 1968 Gibson 335 - tuned down a semitone Fender Deluxe amp (modified) Hot Cake overdrive Strymon Timeline delay Hendrix Wah by Dunlop THANKS for watching :)
  11. Hi guys, I'm sure most of you already have heard that legendary blues player Johnny Winter has passed away... As a tribute to his genius - here's a handful of Johnny Winter style guitar licks for ya'll to enjoy... 5 Steps to Johnny Winter They are all lined up here in this video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIOKS5TgqYk
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