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  1. its early day's i intend to keep this one so i got it refretted and i absolute love how it sounds through my Reverberocket. I know it hasnt got the desirable features of the early 60s 335s but i love mine and its here to stay!
  2. here she is joined by my Greco SA700 and ES-325
  3. well i went and played it today, fell in love and long story short i'm the new proud owner of a '68 335!
  4. Yeah i totally get that. I am after something that plays well, feels great and has a trapeze tail piece and i am wondering if i am better off giving this a miss even though its a pretty good price!
  5. I saw this listed and I wanted to see if the price was fair before i go and take a look Its a 1968 335, only 2 owners. 100% Original. According to the listing it was bought in 1968, and stored since 1973 before purchased by the 2nd owner. Price is $5000 USD Also even though i think its awesome to own a vintage 335 would anyone think i'd be better off spending less and getting a later 335? Appreciate any help. Pics:
  6. I was hoping someone could help me with this - what would be the best (i know, subjective) way to order my pedals to get the best sound, good sustain but no feedback using my ISP Gstring Decimator II? I am using a AC30 with the following pedals: Xotic SP Compressor Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Boss Reverb Earthquaker Disaster Transport Delay Would appreciate any help thanks
  7. Hi all Whenever I play my 335 loud with distortion I get intense feedback - I was wondering whats a good way to reduce this? How do the pros who use semi hollows on stage prevent it (for example Dave Grohl!)
  8. Yes I am! I have sent you a message
  9. Hi all I am lusting after an ES-325 in Walnut - does anyone know of any that are on sale and shipping internationally? my google and ebay searches are getting me zip! Thanks
  10. There are definitely times when I neglect my 335s because I am busy with the Sherry! I think the value for money is definitely up there.
  11. Hi all Had a lot of spare time and decided to intro you to the whole family! My newest edition - Es-175 premium purchased in Japan - if you ever get the chance to go, there is a street in Tokyo know as Guitar Street - heaven! The camera seems to add a blemish to the photos, its not a mark on the guitar! L:R 2013 ES-335, 2011 ES-335 Traditional Pro with P90s, Epiphone Sheraton II Epiphone Es-339 in Pelham Blue My 1979 Yamaha SA1000 purchased in Tokyo, Tele copy custom made in China with my girlfriend's name on the headstock, and my Jazzmaster and the rest! all played through my trust AC30. Thanks for tuning in!
  12. thanks for everyone's help - the simichrome cleaned it up real good!
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