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  1. sure ! the website's photo uplader is ****ed up, so its not that ez right now . but i ll upload somewhere ! and i ll post here
  2. Brand new 2016 Gibson Memphis Es355 Limited Vos with no trussrod cover and screw holes ?
  3. its perfect solution but I'm living in turkey :( they doesn't ship to turkey. anybody wanna help :)
  4. Here is updated photos. i couldn't handle myself without remove the stud. Its looks like cool as you said.
  5. no, strings doesn't touch the bridge . photo was before bigsby. from when i just got it. the first photo is after bigsby and down tension bar. now it doesn't press too much. do you still think it makes too much pressure ?
  6. Thanks for quick reply ! i feel better now :)
  7. Hey guys. Its Umitcan from Turkey . I finally bought 2003 Gibson custom es 345 . While shipping i think it had some pressure on the bridge . And i found a little crack around bridge. I couldn't send it back. cause i bought it second hand. I wish it is just a finish crack. There is a centre block under de bridge . so it looks safe. But i need your thoughts. There is some photos . The crack is not so deep. but its not that easy to understand is it cool or not. I installed a Bigsby from 1960's . And bigsby use more pressure on bridge. And rocking the bridge . Its all normal. But I'm worrying about the crack. I wish i can take my guitar to a good luthier. but there isn't any good one in Ankara. Guitar plays well. there isn't any tuning issues. There isn't any intonation issues . Its looking just cosmetic . Im okay with cosmetic issue. but i ve to be sure that one is just cosmetic. if there is some risk i would love to find a solution for that. ******crack is under the tune o matic bridge. and the crack around 0.5mm deep. totally 0.5 length.******** you can easily see it on photos. So i need you guys. thaks a lot. Kind Regards U
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