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  1. Hi CB, thanks for the insight on what's correct and what's not. I'm looking into the Schaller roller bridge, for ease of use and German craftsmanship . Even Schaller tuners, but I wouldn't use locking ones, I just don't fancy them. Schaller are my favorite tuners of them all. I own 3 vintage Gretsches, 1 new pro series, and 1Korean made, which I won 2008. These new Epiphones are very well constructed, so much so, I've an Epi ES295 in lay-a-way, and am considering a Sheraton 2 for next year. I owned a Sheraton MIJ in the mid 1980s, it was amazing. Joe
  2. I bought a new Inspired By John Lennon sunburst Casino a couple of weeks ago, and I'm loving it. But there are a couple of areas that are letting me down. From what I could find online, these are common issues, and it seems like there are what has become standard fixes for these problems. The nut, and bridge seem to be the ultimate culprits. I'm planning on adding a B3 Bigsby to it (to make it more like George's), and have been looking at Schaller bridges. There is also a nut made with a zero fret on it, and that would be my preference. Has anybody else added a Bigsby to their Cas
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