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  1. It's not something I've ever had to do! I've always been the kind of player that knew very little about the hardware/maintenance side of things but I'm learning a lot more these days.
  2. Had a bit of a problem with my Sheraton recently – One of the strings was going out of tune at the smallest of bends. At times when tuning it wouldn’t change pitch at all then suddenly drop half a step while playing a few minutes later. A friend had a look at it and it turns out the groove in the nut was too narrow for the string - it was gripping the string and essentially acting like a locking nut. I filed it down every so slightly with a string when restringing and used some Big Bends Nut Sauce he recommended, now it really is a joy to play! Also, has anyone installed schaller type
  3. The shoulders feel big me me, mainly due to not having much experience with the shape. I find it quite difficult accessing the higher frets.
  4. Anyone got any string recommendations for the Frequensator? I sold my amp today (had a Gear4Music White Horse T64RS Half Stack - far too big for my needs these days) so I’m looking for a new practice amp.
  5. Mine arrived a week ago and I'm very happy with it. I can't find any faults in either the finish or the playability. Pre-ordered from Dawsons Music UK back in March.
  6. I think Dawsons UK had about 17 or so . I got number 393.
  7. Mine arrived on Friday and I can’t fault it! Paintwork is fine and it plays brilliantly. Well worth the 7 month wait I’ll post some pictures tonight.
  8. Fingers crossed Matt. I let them know several people have been unhappy with these so far and that if it’s less than perfect it’s going back. They’re getting double the allocation they were originally meant to so hopefully mine is a good one.
  9. I'm just off the phone with Dawsons UK - mine is being delivered tomorrow! I asked if they could give it a once over before shipping it but unfortunately as they are in their warehouse they can't, but if there are any problems I've to let them know.
  10. I got a Thunderbird Classic IV Pro and an Epiphone Hard Case last year from Dawsons and it was spot on so I went with them again - the 0% Finance makes it easier as well! I shouldn't really moan - I've waited 7 months already another week or two should be fine!
  11. By an individual. Here's the link: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Archtop/Ltd-Ed-Union-Jack-Sheraton.aspx Yeah, I agree. Rainbow music in Carlisle does claim to have them in stock - Dawsons still don't have any :mellow: They told me they would be annoyed if Andertons got them first as Dawsons are 'Europe's #1 Epiphone Dealer'
  12. There's someone on the Epiphone Product Page saying they've cancelled their order!
  13. Has anyone received one and been happy with the finish yet?
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