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  1. Oh, That makes me very happy. L5Larry, I got a hug for ya, my man! Thanks a lot!!! That's my first Gibson.
  2. I took the back plate off and got this number off the pots. A-811-1053500k AT 137633 Does that date them to 1963'? Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I got 1964 Kalamazoo from the dater. Sound good?
  4. Small world. There is a 74 Sg on a local list up here. It looks yellow in the pics. Really Yellow. Heres a quote from the add. " The finish is a faded light yellow and may have been a light cream color at one point if the color under the pick guard is any indication."
  5. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder applies here. The first Zoot I seen was a Les Paul in " Walt Disney Puke". I was blown away. Pics don't do these guitars justice, you have to feel one to appreciate it. The workmanship is stunning. I thought the black n clear finish looked tuff enough. The most tasteful of the choices.
  6. I got this 2009 SG just yesterday. I haven't had much of a chance to play it but it sure looks good.
  7. I recently got this bass and was having a hard time getting a date. The story I have puts the guitar being played in the 60's. It has a silk screened serial number. #155652. From the pics I've seen on the web, this ones missing the hand rest (steel cover over strings). I believe it to be a eb 0 but I've been wrong before. Great shape. I did see pic of guitars with a dampener by the bridge this one appears to never of had one. 1 pick up with a volume and tone knob. The lower finger rest is there. Theres nothing on the truss cover. I hope the pics can do most of the talking. Any info or date would be great. Thank You. I only attached 2 pics. It took me an hour to figure out how to resize, lol. I'm sure it's a mess. I can add more.
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