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  1. Regarding the DRM/File location, the iTunes tree is viewable with all my songs and playlists. I'm able to play them in iTunes, Traktor, and others. My guess is that it thinks that there is a different file location, but I don't see how/where to check what is seeing or how to change the path. I even tried to reset the iTunes.xml in Preferences, but no luck resolving. If I simply use the File Explorer and browse to my iTune Media folder and Load it into a Deck, it plays fine. UPDATE: Then I changed it to an old Library. Open DD2, change back to original iTunes Library. Close DD2, reopen, now it works. No DRM or File location issues. But a bit odd I have the SCS.4DJ working now. When I saw the Deckadance website, I forgot that Stanton is now repping it... they're website only has 2.43. I bounce back to Stanton to get 2.51 again. Whoops.
  2. Hello, I saw that Deckadance released a new version. I downloaded the Mac version last week. It was 2.51. Yet, I was getting DRM messages and other errors. So, I thought, let me redownload and reinstall. This time is downloaded 2.43 from the Stanton website. And in 2.43, the MIDI doesn't have a prepopulated mapping for the SCS.4DJ like 2.51 did. I suspect that the development team has found some bugs in 2.51 and Stanton pulled it from download... maybe a beta program is in order. I can help. Is this the case? was 2.51 pulled? and if so, when do you think a version that includes the MIDI for the Stanton SCS.4DJ controller will be available.
  3. Well, I wasn't really holding my breath on this one... I've got a lot of ideas in regard to Stanton's DJ gear (and others for that matter). But from what I see in these forums, there isn't much action. I sold an NI Traktor S4 MK1 and replaced it with the SCS.4DJ for use while I was at Burning Man again. It worked fine as standalone and Midi. Without more attention from Stanton though, I think the line of products will be forgotten and replaced by competitors. Kind of sad considering Stanton's history. Anyway, I did some Midi learning to create this legend of Midi identifiers. Maybe it was available somewhere, but I couldn't find it. The Midi notes/CCs are indicated in yellow, and the Default Stanton Traktor tsi Modifiers are also indicated in light blue. Hope it helps someone. Also, if anybody uses Traktor with their SCS.4DJ, I'll be posting my maps in a FB group called Traktor Movement.
  4. Hello, I'm in the process of improving the Traktor TSI mapping. I suppose I can "Learn" all buttons and create a legend for myself with all the Midi values for the buttons and knobs.... but has someone already created this? John
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