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  1. Yes, actually neck joins body at 16th fret. Could be that it's quite stable. I'll be reviewing this with a few more folks before I proceed. The guitar has already been customized such that it's value as a 'vintage instrument' has been significantly diminished... But I have to say--much to my surprise--it has to be one of the best solid body guitars I've ever owned. I currently have a 1968 LP Custom, a '61 Epiphone Coronet, an old Guild S100 and I've owned plenty of other old Gibsons, Epiphones and still have a '61 dot-neck 335. This little Melody Maker is probably the most responsive, acoustically loudest, best sounding amplified and most resonant electric guitar I've ever played. It plays very well too and is in decent repair overall though the tuners are failing. I also recently picked up a '60/61 single cut MM which is in a bit rougher shape, but also has an amazing resonant, ringing quality to it. Same kind "neck in a box" joint. I don't know if that's the secret, or if it's that old Honduran mahogany and Brazilian rosewood fretboard...I don't think it's just the wood though...I've owned and played plenty of other Gibsons from that era that weren't nearly as resonant. I think it's that boxy neck joint...
  2. Cool photo Rabs; thanks. The thing is...that is a reissue. You can tell because the old ones (like mine and like the one in your earlier photo) have a gap that is about 1/8" side at the base of the fretboard like this: Seems like most folks who route these for neck pickups avoid routing up to that gap.
  3. Yes, that MM double-cut is the type I'm referring to; the body ends with that boxy structure into which the neck is set. I don't THINK it's a tennon; I think it's a simple box joint. Note how whoever installed the pickups mounted the neck pickup below the fretboard...looks like maybe 1/2" or so down.
  4. I plan to install a P90 in the neck position on an old Melody Maker (the bridge position was already routed for a humbucker). My concern with the neck joint is that the more reinforcement it needs from the body below the neck, the further I should mount the pickup from the base of the fretboard. If I wasn't concerned about this, I'd just mount it flush to the end of the fretboard as I think it would sound best there. But my concern is that this looks like a simple box joint and on the double-cut, the cutaways are deep enough that the neck joint probably needs the additional stability provided by the solid body below the neck joint. I've noted that on double-cut, double-pickup MMs of this era, the neck pickup was always mounted about 3/4" down from the fretboard. And I know that the neck pickup on Les Paul Specials moved from '59 to '60 (they moved the pickup down away from the butt of the neck, presumably from these concerns). Does anyone ABSOLUTELY KNOW whether or not the MM neck joints were box joints or tennon type joints? Guessing is fine--I can guess, and I already have--but I'm particularly interested in hearing from someone who knows, based on first hand experience. Thanks!
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