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  1. Strange perception. I own three Gibson acoustics. I own zero Martins or Taylors. I may consider a D-28 in the future, but not really buying the Taylor vibe. Of course there are people out there who hate Gibson, and their minority opinion can appear amplified over the internet, but after 125 years, and a fleet of legendary guitars behind them, I think Gibson's reputation will be just fine..
  2. Right, I have owned the AJ45-ME twice before and they were both made in Indonesia with Grover branded tuners.. The one I saw at Guitar Center the other day was a 2017 model; made in China with Epiphone branded tuners.
  3. Hello, I've recently purchased a brand new DR400 MCE, and I noticed that the tuning machines are no longer Grover branded, but are now Epiphone branded. Are these tuners Grovers that are simply re-branded, or did Epiphone have someone else make these? Thanks
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