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  1. I also deal with Sweetwater, and from what I have seen around the net at other US dealers, something in the back of my mind tells me that I won't hear anything positive about them getting any UJ's for awhile yet. I know this sounds negative, but I have learned that if I expect the worst and get good news, it's always a pleasant surprise.
  2. LPS1976, I most certain hope you are right, and I am wrong. That would be a plus that I was not banking on. :)
  3. I just saw an ad for the UJ on Gear4music site, in Britain wherein they said delivery was expected 03 March 2015. WTF!
  4. imorgg, I understand that you mentioned the reason you are buying one is the buiild quality and Gibson electronics. After speaking with the Epiphone person yesterday, he mentioned that the pickups would not have braided wire, but that plastic wire covering. I asked him if these were Gibson mini buckers, to which he replied "yes". However, I believe personally that these pickups may have been made to Gibson specs but are not made at the Gibson plant in Nashville. This is only my personal feeling. He also said not to expect the same quality wiring as is used on Gibson guitars. My feeling on this is that if I like the guitar well enough to keep it and play it, not just leave it lying around, I might be tempted to send it off someplace and have a really nice high-end electrical harness wired for Gibson 50's wiring and have a real switchcraft input jack installed. I would never believe even written advertising literature on these or other Chinese-built Epiphones to have anything comparible to american Gibson wiring. I would expect the Japanese verions of Epiphone to possibly have the american wiring, but not on this model UJ. All I can hope for is that the chassis of this guitar is satisfactory for my needs, and then having it re-wired would only cost a bit more, which would certainly improve the tone, and even surpass the factory historic wiring, of which a lot of people have re-done with the same wiring harness I am referring too. The Epiphone person did tell me these guitars would range in weight up to 10-11 pounds, which is certainly way above what a nice 3X5 from Gibson would weigh. To me, that is the most significant detractor to this guitar. I don't want to be playing an anchor like this when my other guitars weigh in the 5.5-6.5 pound range.
  5. I just got off the phone with the Epiphone service line where we can speak with someone answering questions. He told me that there has been a larger request for the UJ then anticipated, but that he could not comment on when the stores get them. He said it is possible that some stores have not kept their payments up-to-date and that is why the delay may be in effect there. He did tell me that there are places around the globe that have been receiving the UJ, but he is not informed as to whether any USA stores have gotten them at this time. He said to keep in touch with the store itself that you have ordered from as they will possbly have that info. He also said that if there is enough of a request for these guitars that Epiphone would consider doing a second run of them, as they are not like Gibson inthat when a given number of guitars are scheduled to be built, Gibson rarely, if ever, would go over that number. I asked him about the quality of the electronics, and he said not to expect the electronics to compare with Gibsons, which is a fair assessment. The necks on these are not as skinny as previous model Sheratons of this type and will be more "D" shaped in the back, and not as flat. The feel will be in between a 50's and a 60's feeling neck. I asked him if the neck might feel similar to a '63 block board 335 and he said that if they follow the dimensions carefully, then yes, it will be similar to that feel. Of course we all know how much things vary, but this person was quite open about answering my questions and did not hesitate to go into detail and how the UJ was either similar or different from other Sheraton models. I hope this information is helpful to you all. I just got off the phone with this man and got onto the forum to pass the info along.
  6. I was keeping an eye out on some of the larger music box chain stores here for any word on the UJ. I think it was American Musical Supplies that said estimated arrival date is now 12/27/14! ZZounds says expected delivery date is 12/29/14!
  7. While it may not be much of a consolation, the Union Jack model Sheraton will be out very soon, and has the basic ingredients of the Sheraton posted in the picture by the OP. I know that it may to some look tacky compared to the blonde version posted originally, but I am looking forward to it as it may the only one available for awhile. I also love the British and their flag, so with me, it's fine.
  8. The CEO of Gibson, Henry J., has his own personal agenda, as he owns the company. He wants Gibson to be an exclusive line like Louis Vutton, Gucci, Cartier, et.al. where only the rich can and do have the disposable income to buy his guitars and show them like art in their homes. He is not interested in the musicians who earn a living playing music to own his guitars. This was stated outwardly on another forum by someone who was at a meeting wherein Henry was speaking at Gibson, and this person happened to be present when Henry was stating this. Henry has absolutely no interest in the regular working stiff. His only inrterest is in the rich buying from him. No one else matters. So the QC which has been shoddy and the mistakes which, as guitar players, we find on the guitars doesn't matter, because the people buying these pieces won't probably know the difference or really care.
  9. Thanks for the video report Ferdasyn! That guy wasn't too shabby playing it and I got a better idea of what to expect from those mini pickups then some videos shot here! They sound nice and balanced.
  10. Good, and thank you for the reply. I just put a deposit on one and will have it paid off just about that time. I hope it plays and sounds as good as the write-up Epiphione gave it!
  11. While Gibson uses "nitro" finishes, the formula has changed over the years, and Gibson has been using more plasticizer in it's nitro. If you see a Gibson from Historic Makeovers that is being stripped of it's original finish, you will see that the finish Gibson uses is not only very thick, but it comes off in sheets. They can call it nitro if they want too, but it isn't what it used to be back in the 1950's, and not what private luthiers use when re-finishing a guitar.
  12. Good day to you all. I'm new here and about to pre-order a Union Jack, my first Epiphone, although I've been playing quite a while. There is no place near me to try a Sheraton I out, although I have seen them in pictures. Also, I haven't been able to play an Epiphone semi since they were started to be made in china, where I believe this one will be made. Does anyone here know from information gathered about this new release as to the quality of this piece, please? Thank you for any information you may be able to offer. Stephen
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