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  1. Yeah, That's called the Nylons strings looks too good in that guitar and I also want to know that we can use all types of strings in acoustic guitar or just Nylon we can use.
  2. Thanks for the reply and now I am much more serious about guitar playing and daily playing guitar 2 to 3 hr. and I now I will increase time after some time.
  3. Yeah the first guitar is awesome and If I am not wrong than, that guitar is the best guitar in 2014 is that right or not.
  4. Thanks Wetdog for the suggestion I will definitely try this sure and I also started the practicing of the guitars.
  5. But is your band already said that you have to sing or they just suddenly decide that because in my band we have two singers to we never face that type of problem at the time of performance.
  6. But when you get some problem or If you want to know more about anything than where do you ask because there is no teacher who can help us.
  7. I also search at some guitar institute, but that was too much costly and also some of my friends have told me to check about online guitar lessons that are cheaper than private teacher.
  8. Yeah, you are right about that and I also follow your suggestion specially that one "complex guitar arrangements can throw lyrics" and others too.
  9. So are you taking an online guitar lessons and If yes, then what was the charges of online guitar lesson or just buy a DVD of the there instruction.
  10. Hi, I am also trying the same thing about trying to copy some other guitarist and think to remember the position of handling the guitar and other things.
  11. Thanks for the comment and yeah, I don't have a working knowledge of notes and also don't have any knowledge about "The Cowboy Chords" but I will search about it.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion and also purchase a chord book for learning a guitar, but I didn't understand that's why I am thinking to go to the online guitar lessons.
  13. Yeah, I also think that when it will happen to me, I should also prepare something for that type of condition because It can happen with any any one.
  14. Thanks everyone for suggestion I also search and I see that the time of starting free lessons is ok but after some I need to purchase any guitar lessons.
  15. Hi, I see that you're like audio, how much year old that guitar is? ................................... best acoustic guitars
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