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  1. This song always reminds me of growing up New Zealand.... Thanks for posting!
  2. Mikey P


    My favourite looking top for a les Paul.... Great aquistion chap!
  3. Agreed - a more reliable Big Muff, do you have one?
  4. Earthquaker Devices - Hoof Fuzz Death by Audio - Fuzz War both great pedals, there's plenty of YouTube reviews to watch.
  5. Jim Decola explaining the reasoning behind the 2015 changes to the USA line. I must admit, I do like the look of the deluxe! I might have to hunt one down and see how feel/sound in the flesh.
  6. The elitist 65 Casino is a sublime guitar to play..... If you can find one! Get it! Where are you based? Coda music in the UK have them at the moment. Another possibility is getting an inspired by John Lennon '65 Casino, these are a lot cheaper (about £700ish) than the elitist but come with an impressive spec for the price. I haven't played one but I'm sure somebody on the forum could you give you the lowdown. You can of course check them out on the epiphone web-site
  7. As with all good curvy bodies! Naked is the way forward!!
  8. According to the Epiphone website my casino is 5-ply maple with Spruce top bracing - I don't know if this has always been the case?
  9. That's the mutts nuts!! That's a sweet sorrento
  10. That 07 les Paul is simply gorgeous!
  11. Thanks for the info Old Mark! I As a Casino player I totally agree with your remarks about feedback. The Sorrento I'm looking at is the reissue with gibson mini humbuckers - I think I would prefer the P90's - how does the full hollow body cope with mini humbuckers?
  12. I'm also looking at the Sorrento to add to my collection - unfortunately there is nowhere local for me to try one out. Any feedback/thoughts would be greatly received. Many thanks in advance.... Mike
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