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  1. Fair point. Someone could have changed the pots in 09. I guess it's just frustrating that they can't tell me for sure. Apologies.
  2. They say 0852 which as I'm told indicates the last week of 2008. Gibson has told me its a 99 twice and an 09 once. Most people I talk to agree it's an 09 but gibson can't decide.
  3. I've been contacted by gibson and have two different opinions from two different people. I've never seen such incompetence from a big company like this in my life. For such a great guitar in thoroughly disappointed I can't get a clear answer. How they don't keep detailed records of custom shop inventory is beyond me.
  4. Either way it's a great guitar. Just want to know what it is 100%!
  5. I included some pics of the case. Not sure if it is the original, but it may help
  6. Right. It is my understanding through conversing with some people that it is possible to have the same serial number in 09 as well.
  7. Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I hope I can get some clear answers. I'll start by saying I bought the guitar a few days again, used, from an authorized Gibson dealer. As I started to inquire about the guitar, Gibson customer service told me it was a 54 gibson Les Paul custom historic reissue made in 1999. I posted some pics in some forums to show some people who seem very knowledgeable, and they overwhelmingly disagree that it is in fact a 2009 model. It is a great guitar and I am really happy with it...however, I just want to know what I have exactly. It didn't come with a COA. Thanks in advance and I apologize if I'm bugging the same people. Here are some detailed pics. Hopefully I can confirm what this is 100%. Thanks http://s737.photobucket.com/user/bluesman79/embed/slideshow/Mobile%20Uploads
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