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  1. The bridge and neck are GFS Gold Foil Alnico Soapbar 4 wire humbuckers. The middle is an Ibanez 3PU12A0013 2 wire mini humbucker. All 4 pots have switches. The bridge and neck pots switch their respective pickups between series (down) and parallel (up). In series both pickups have a nice warm sound. Switching each pickup to parallel lowers the level just a bit and puts a nice chime in the tone. The switch on the middle pot, since that humbucker only has 2 wires, turns the pickup on and off eliminating the need to turn the volume all the way down for that. The switch on the tone pot I really couldn't think of anything to do with it so I set it to switch between 0.022uF and 0.047uF caps. For wiring I used all Gavitt braided shielded cable. Only the very shorts runs between the pots and the switches are not shielded. Since I had everything off the body I also shielded the pickup cavities with copper foil (connected to ground, of course). The bridge and middle pots were pretty difficult to get into position. Those locations are close to the edge of the body and the clearance inside is less than the other 2 pot locations. I doubt those pots are ever coming out. As you know, it is not a trivial task to install a different pickup in place of a dog ear. I rigged up a system using soapbar pickup frames with extended ears (which I took from humbucker pickup rings with long legs. I installed threaded bushings on the bottom of the soapbar pickup rings located so that the height adjustment screws from the new pickup would thread into them. Initially I was planning to use springs with these screws but when it came time to install the new pickups in the body I switched to the foam pads. The new frames get installed in place of the old P90 pickups. I had a set of dogear rings custom laser cut to cover everything. I tried to use commercially available dogear spacers but the opening on those is too small and I was unable to use my Dremel tool to enlarge the opening without it looking like crap. I got 6 of these custom dogear rings laser cut for $25. Not much more than the standard dogear rings which I mangled up. Now each of the 3 pickups has about 1/2 inch of height adjustment using the regular height adjustment screws. No need to use spacers. A year ago, when I received the guitar, after reading several stories about the output jack coming loose and falling inside the body, I made sure that the nut is tight and the I put a couple of drops of super glue on the threads between the nut and the jack body. Let me tell you... that works That nut never again comes loose, not even when you want to remove it. I ended up using a wrench to stop the whole output jack from spinning and then carefully I drilled out thru the jack hole. After the first buzzing I heard from the ABR bridge wire I replaced the bridge with a Wilkinson Roller bridge and never looked back. For strings I am using Dean Markley Helix Pure Nickel Regular Electric Guitar Strings (10-46).
  2. My Riviera P93 and I just had our first anniversary. To celebrate I gave it a new wiring harness made by myself, new pots, switch jack and humbucker pickups. Sounds much better than the original pickups.
  3. I had the same problem with dogear rings. Then I came across Outfab Custom Laser Cutting Service. You practically design your own rings and have them laser cut out of acrylic (your choice of color). They charge a $25 flat rate for a 6in x 12in piece of acrylic regardless of how many units you have cut out of it.
  4. I received these covers. The string spacing is correct and the mounting holes are spaced correctly. They have one shortcoming though... they are a tad short... about 2 mm. So next step is a spacer, or find means to ground the existing metal covers.
  5. I got the pickup covers thru Angela Instruments. They are on the way and should be delivered tomorrow. I have all weekend ahead to play with them and with a new Wilkinson Roller Bridge.
  6. After an extensive search I managed to find this: Lindy Fralin Black Plastic P90 Dogear Neck Position Pickup Cover Looks like the string spacing is 50.3 mm which is just about the same I measured on the pickups I now have. I haven't yet measured the high and low sides. I have 3 of these on the way. Hopefully soon I'll be able to try them out.
  7. Hmmmmmm... the description says: Also, it looks like the tops are not slanted (if slanted tops matter). At this time I am not looking to replace the pickups. I just want to replace the covers with either plastic ones to get rid of the little hum I hear when I touch the metal covers and maybe improve the sound as I've read in a few places, or to ground the current metal covers to get rid of the hum. But thanks.
  8. Thanks for nudging me towards drilling my own holes in the blank covers. I guess I'll take it up one of these days. I am curious how the sound will change with the plastic covers.
  9. I signed up to the Gibson forums early this week. I never received the validation email. I requested the validation email to be resent several times but I never got any of them. I did check the Spam (Junk) folders on the server and there are no validation emails there. I sent a couple of emails to the Administrator regarding this. Today I found that my account was validated and I had full access to the forums. I was able to check my profile and the email address there is correct. Also today I made a post and had a reply later. I got no notification email regarding the reply even though I enabled email notification of replies in the posting options. What could be the reason for me not to receive the emails generated from the forums? Thanks.
  10. I recently got one of those Limited Edition Riviera Custom P93 in Wine Red. Looks great and feels great. At this time I am going thru string sets to see which I like best. There's one thing I noticed regarding the pickup covers. As I understand they are metal not plastic. If I touch any of the covers (while the volumes are up) I can hear a faint hum but only if I do not touch the strings. This tells me that the covers themselves are not grounded. Are they supposed to be? Should I ground them myself? Should I try to replace them with plastic covers? This brings me to another question: where can I find plastic covers for these pickups? All my searches showed that covers with 50 mm E to E spacing (which my covers see to have) are only for bridge pickups and they are not slanted. The slanted ones are for neck but the spacing is 48 mm. I found some that are not drilled but at least for now I'd like to avoid them. Thanks.
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