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  1. Thanks Johnny That's what I'll try.Someone on another board wrote that he experienced random variations in Gibson Quick Connect Neck and Bridge wiring scheme.... scary stuff!I shall try the SD to Gibson as noted, and report back. Thanks
  2. Thanks man.. but the problem is that dammed circuit board and the lack of communality...... I may have to gut it and buy new pots etc Thanks tho
  3. The LP Standard 2013 has a Circuit board, coil tap pots with 4 pin connectors on the Burstbucker Pros.I want to try a Seymour Duncan set (SH-18) and they come with 4 conductor cable, but obviously no QC pin. I don't mind cutting and using the original pins for the SDs, but I'm stumped as to the wiring.The colour code doesn't match at all.Is there a Gibson to SD wiring diagram that may help?Or any other suggestions?Cheers
  4. Thanks.Yup, I can't hear much of a difference with the split....but I guess it's there (the tech thought so).I'd like to try some other pickups though.Main reason is that my bridge sound, especially in solos, is getting lost. The other guitarist has a Strat. We are still working the problem, but it points toward the BBPro being too 'Shrill' /high mid and thin.... and at times competes with the Strat freq. If I use any Fuzz, it disappears altogether. I'd like to try some other QC Gibson pups......maybe 57 / 57+. I guess there's always Dirty Fingers .......or Angus Y .....but that's about it f
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, man. It's really weird. I've had the 2013 Les Paul Standard since new, and I could never hear the difference if I pulled the split pots......and the dealer said it would only be a subtle change anyway. The middle out of phase is ok, as is the by-pass. I was thinking of swapping the pickups to another type of Gibson Quick Connect, and there's not much available, especially in a 4 wire........then I find no reference to a 4 wire BB Pro either. Very confusing.I guess mine has BBPros that don't coil split at all. Can anyone recommend some Quick Connect Pups? (for
  6. Hi all. I searched the subject for hours; gave up, and thought I'd ask y'all. With the specs on the 2013 Burstbucker Pros being 2 conductor wiring, how can they split/tap? Any info would be ....well....very helpful, thanks
  7. Hey DC,, nice ! The Japanese spec LPs are top-notch, and there's a long history there worth uncovering. Anyway, just a word of caution. You may already know this, but the Nitro finish on these guitars burns when resting on the rubber padding on guitar stands. Do yourself a huge favour (and the guitar) and cover the rubber with a sock or similar. Enjoy the LP, bud! Cheers
  8. Very cool Mr jones!So often I've thought about the Bax......and being a limited run, pretty soon they will be in a similar category as the Klon.They are big, huh! Almost like another amp n front.The Cab Out is an interesting function too.Well done, keep us posted
  9. Dude, funny thing is....looking online for you......the messed up ' customshop ' ones look like yours now anyway.........well done!
  10. Yes, thank you sir, it's Orange every time if you care for tone!
  11. NHR, did you forget to back-off the grub-screws before messing with it? The stopbar screw-head looks really burred. That would piss me off, but the good news is you can replace them.
  12. Pleased to be of assistance, Rev. Wish your mate well with his new project, sounds cool !
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