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  1. I missed mine by 2 years. I'm a 1959 vintage. My J-50 is a 1961 vintage.
  2. Hi everybody, Just wanted to let you know I've got my 1966 Gibson J-50 for sale on the Trading Post. Don't worry, I'm still going to be in the family. Still got my 1961 Gibson J-50. Thanks Chuck
  3. I had the bridge and bridge plate replaced on my 1966 Gibson J-50. It was an adjustable and I had it replaced with a brazilian rosewood bridge (with bone saddle)and a solid maple bridge plate. Mine had the plywood bridge plate. All I know is the volume, clarity and sustain are way better now. The luthier that did the work, Ron Griffin, did a beautiful job on the bridge. It looks like it's been original since day one.
  4. Since I always play at home by myself, my 1961 Gibson J-50 is the one for the feel and mojo.
  5. That's a beauty. I'm loving my 1961 J-50 I got just a few weeks ago.
  6. I voted "other". It's my 1966 J-50. Would love to have an even older one someday.
  7. here is a link to serial number info. http://www.gibson.com/Files/downloads/bluebook/GibsonSERIALNUMBERS.pdf Looks like it might be a 1958.
  8. http://www.garysguitars.net/catalog/1949-gibson-j-45-tobacco-sunburst-gia0409 This looks like a sweet one. Wish I could afford it.
  9. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!! Today is my 5th wedding anniversary also. Enjoy your day. Chuck
  10. I just got a 1966 Gibson J-50 that I'm really liking. Here is a link to some pictures. I got mine from Acoustic Vibes in Tempe, Arizona which is a GREAT guitar store. I've never owned vintage before either. Now I wish I could afford a late 40's J-45. http://s771.photobucket.com/albums/xx358/kahunakona/1966%20Gibson%20J-50/
  11. My 1966 J-50 is sitting on the stand at home right now. Already got a ton of finish checking so don't have to worry about that. Humidity in the house is around 50%. Don't have to worry about that. Plus...I just like looking at the ol' girl when I get home. Old guitars....very cool.
  12. You dang skippy!! And I can even arpeggiate a few notes in those chords. Smokin' !!!
  13. The Jazz Singer wouldn't come back to my house again.
  14. Congratulations! A real beauty from the year I was born. Very cool. I bet the tone is wonderful. I love my '66 J-50.
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