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  1. I don’t fall in love with accessories. I did, however, make it my mission to hunt down and buy one each (in mint condition, of course) of the six straps designed by Jerry Garcia. Each one is beautifully designed, and I DO use all of them.
  2. My first guitar (at age 8-ish) was a Gibson ES-125 in like new condition. I was a kid, so the year it was made didn’t matter to me. It was a great starter guitar and sounded beautiful through the Brown Tolex Fender Princeton Amp. I HAD to buy a Maestro Fuzz Tone as soon as it came out. My only reservation was that the 125 wasn’t “Rock ‘n Roll enough for me. I added a 1st generation Maestro Boomerang (wah wah) when it was released-but I still wanted a “Rock” guitar, and of course, it HAD to be a Gibson! I was 12 when I traded the 125 in for a brand new SG Standard. I think I paid $225.00 for the SG. I finally had my Real Live Rock ‘n Roll guitar! I’ve treated her very well over the years. Yup, I still have her, and she’s in near mint condition. Despite all the traveling, gigs, bumpy van rides; people ask me if it’s an Angus Young SG. I simply smile and say: “Nope, this is a Real SG, I’ve had her since the sixty’s & nfw will I sell her.”
  3. Hi,Good Day;

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