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  1. thanks guys i appreciate your advise
  2. Thanks a lot, I bought the Marshall AS100D, best ever!!
  3. I have the J35. I bought the Gibson leather strap, the one with the hummingbird on it. I can tie the one end at the nut , but the other end does not fit over the input jack . should I install a pin in position 2, 4 or 5? or not at all? I don't want to ruin the guitar. please help!
  4. how can i make my own soundproof studio

  5. thank you everyone I am considering the Marshall AS100D Will just turn it down... I saw it has 16 effects and that is really cool
  6. Hi everyone I have the J-35, and am planning to buy an amp... but looking at how many brands etc.. I just feel confused I live in a townhouse... so it can't be too loud... but i want clarity, effects like reverb...and chorus... Would a 65 watt be too loud? :blink: Please advise!!! Thanks!!
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