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    I retired from the Army in 2005. I have several Gibson guitars. A 1977 Les Paul Artisan, a 76 S1, a 2004 Firebird V, A 2002 Les Paul Double Cut Plus, several Fenders and a Martin MC 28. My main amp is an old Traynor combo...
  1. OK, first I want to thank you all for the replies to this thread. I was away for the holiday and couldn't answer any questions. First, the sticker is on the outside of the finish. Second, the person I purchased it from had it for over 9 years. I love the guitar. The non-standard finish is really nice and yes, there is some cool birds eye in there. I even like the nylon saddles in the bridge... It truly is a nice guitar. Again, thanks for the information. You all have been a big help.
  2. Here are some pics. Hope this helps.
  3. I've had no luck with any of the guitar dating websites. I've tried several. This post was a "last ditch" attempt to try and figure it out. Like I said, the serial number is only six digits with no letters (145578). There are absolutely no flaws on this guitar. It plays amazingly well and looks fantastic. The finish is more of a caramel than "natural" and it sounds fantastic.
  4. I recently purchased an older Epiphone Casino. It's natural with a bigsby which I don't believe was original. The serial number is 145578, the label is brown (or orange) and there is a single number 3 stamped on the back of the headstock. The "3" is not going in the normal direction of most serial numbers on guitars, its going vertical instead of horizontal and is centered at the top of the headstock. I've heard of seconds, but could this possibly be a 3rd?
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