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  1. OK i apprichate the advice. Have a great night.
  2. Once I'm done admiring her true beauty... II will play her. Rite now I'm like a deer in headlights.. I have wanted one of these for so long.. I finally have one. I'm still in shock..
  3. Just got home with her. Gracie is ready to get to work..
  4. I wasnt really thinking about being good or making album. More was under the assumption to get the trueist sound out of my computer it need to be run through a interface. I guess i figured how can i practice correctly with out it. I am green folks. Kids are raised. Always pay cash and always buy the best i can afford.. I ended up buying the JBL 305 with apollo twin interface. The guitar is something i have always wanted to learn. But never had the time or means to put forth a honest effort. I work hard to play harder.BUt thanks for the advice from the ones that posted. And if anyone has and suggestions for helping me learn and grow pleas speak up. If i have to i will get guitar lessons but i am self taught on just about everything i do so i want to atleast try myself first. If i dont need these things to learn with a computer i will cancel my order. But if they will benifit me i will keep them. I have the extra cash i and its not gonna be missed. Please dont take this the wrong way. Not trying to be arrogant or anything. I dont want to waste money but i also am not affraid to spen it if will help. Thanks Some other things i enjoy are going to church, music, tattoos, golf, fishing, and i am avid bow hunter & 3d shooting compations. Im 37 with 3 kids twin boys 20 and a daughter thats 19. The boys are done with college & my daughter just started none live at home anymore. They all lived with me as a single dad from the time they were 10 & 9 Im a union machinest for caterpillar live in IL & love life and to have fun now that i actually can. When i was younger i had to be a adult so im kindda like a big kid now did things in reverse. Thanks for your time and have a great day..
  5. Hello i just bought a J15 for my first guitar ever. I am looking forward to learning how to play it. I know some might be like why spend so much on first guitar well a few reasons 1.) i have always wanted a gibson. 2.) I figured i wanted to buy something in the middle of road that i could grow into.. 3.) If for some reason i dont get into playing like i expect i will i will simply store the guitar and pass it on down to my first born grandchild who is not born yet. Now I am a total noob here But i want to get a good set of studio monitors to play through. My plan is to use a focusrite 2i2 plugged into my 2014 macbook pro 2.2 im gonna use garage band for now.. I have been looking at the JBL 305 & 308 not sure really on what to buy. I will take any advice or recomendations on speakers interface cables any thing i may need. I would like to only buy once dont want to just waste money but would like the best bang for the buck. I would like to get the stuff ordered tonight or in the morning so i could have the stuff by this weekend. I understand as far as the speakers go i should go demo as many as possiable. But i just dont have the time to do so. I have watched multiple youtube videos and dont feel i can go wrong with the JBL but thought i would ask in here to see what responses i get. Thanks and have a great night..
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