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  1. Wow...love the grain on that back! Congrats. I still love my Collings OM2, but find myself picking up the J45c most of the time. Suckers addictive!
  2. Congrats on finally finding that special J45! I found mine about a month ago, I keep telling my self that I do not need another guitar, but then I play it and all those bad thoughts go out the window! Go play it....
  3. I'd like to see Gibson come out with something aimed at the Taylor GSMini, looks like Martin did with the Dread Jr. Hope that's not too far off topic??
  4. Bought mine a couple weeks before Christmas, paid about $2350 out the door. It sounds fantastic, I was playing it most of this evening and it seems to be getting better and better. I love the way you can play it softly or get after it and it responds as it should. I've had too many high end acoustic guitars, and so far this one is my favorite. I don't care for much bling, but I agree with fumble, this one has just the right amount. I love a slope!
  5. I'd like to replace the white plastic pins on my J45 with some black/abalone ones. Can anyone tell me the size/taper that I need or recommend some specific pins that will fit? Thanks I know they won't improve the sound, it's strictly for looks.
  6. Congrats on a great J45 ! I'm still honeymooning with mine I just got a few weeks ago. Love it!
  7. I bought the guitar a couple weeks before Christmas so bad timing to get a setup done on it. I've had a lot of guitars set up professionally and know how much better they play. But I was surprised that the J45 not only played better, but sure seemed to sound better too. It may be in my head, but the voices said it wasn't. I liked this guitar a lot before, but it is quickly becoming my favorite! I've been looking for the right J45 for 5 years, and am pretty sure i found the right one! Just a rant....
  8. Looks like the usual suspects are the ones to try, thanks for the replies. I noticed that the humidity in my room was running a bit too high. Up around 60%. After leaving the guitar out to dry a bit, the Sunbeams/guitar are sounding a lot better. So I may have jumped the gun criticizing the Sunbeams. It was sounding pretty sweet when I played it this morning before work. I'll still try the other strings though, just not as soon.
  9. Morning all, I know there are a lot of string threads, so bear with me as I want the latest suggestions. I have a J45 Custom with the rosewood b/s, I put some DR Sunbeam strings on it and feel it lost a bit of tone compared to the Gibson strings that came on it and didn't last very long. I don't mind trying different strings, but was hoping to narrow it down a bit....any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  10. The difference in the Customs that I saw depended whether it was a Classic Burst or the Amber Burst. I like the tiger stripe pick guard on the amber burst.
  11. Bad News Fumble, I can confirm your concerns. I'm pretty sure my J45 Custom sounds a lot better than yours. Seriously, Enjoy it.....they are great guitars.
  12. Thanks All, I'll get some pictures up soon, it is a beauty!
  13. My first post here, and a story I suspect others have too. I've wanted a J45 for many years, and I've played more of them than I can count. Honestly, most sounded pretty bad, but not always the fault of the guitar. Bad strings, and a lot at GC had so much human goo on them they stuck to my hands. But....I never gave up and kept trying them. I came across a 50's reissue last year that was pretty darn good, went back to get it the next day and it was GONE. So, while Christmas shopping with the wife Monday in Denver, she must have felt sorry for me and let me go into GC. I headed straight to the
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