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  1. jbw59

    LP tuners

    Sorry... not a G-force tuner just the tuning peg for the "g-string"... its like the gear inside is slipping or catching...?
  2. jbw59

    LP tuners

    I have a 2014 LP Standard that the "G Tuner seems to have a catch or skip in it. Its about 9 months old. Is this something the store i bought it at can replace or would replace or would it have to be sent back to Nashville...? thanks for your feedback
  3. Thanks for the feedback...
  4. I have a new Gibson Song Writer Deluxe and want to add a strap Button to the neck side at the base of the neck. I was told by the store to get Gibson's permission as that could void a warranty.... Anyone out there have some info or guidance on this to offer..?
  5. Newbie here. Owned Gibson's since HS and have some new ones...

  6. What it the real difference in these 2 guitars other than $500..? Both have same pick-ups... Do they really sound different or is the one better than they other..?
  7. Tried to trade in a 1995 Guild DC-1 (was hoping for $500) and GC offered me $350, ouch. Put it on Craig's list and sold it in a week for $700. CL works...!
  8. I have a LP standard and was wanting to remove the pick up covers. Can these be removed easily with a screw driver or does it take tech to do it..? I like the exposed look better. How does it affect the sound or is it only cosmetic..? Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Thx. I believe it was a 2014. I'll go by again today and check it out. Went there looking at a Taylor 816 and saw the Gibson. Two very different sounds. Gibson quality ? It looks like you have the Studio I am asking about. Are acoustics quality questionable as the electrics are or have been ? Your thoughts..?
  10. I played this today at a retailer and I thought it did not have a pick-up. It did but there are no controls, just a plug hole on the tail. The retailer was not familiar with it. Anyone out there who can help; does it have an internal battery or is it a passive pick-up that works off the electrical current of the cord/amp..? It played and sounded great. Thanks in advance for your feedback/education.
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