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  1. That's nuts. I wouldn't know where to begin. I lack the tools and the knowledge. But I do love to tinker!
  2. Thanks for the insight. Not too worried about resale. I plan on giving all my guitars to my son if he decides to play. He is only one, so we got some time.
  3. I like them fine. They sound great. It's the fact that I have two guitars with the same pickups. Completely my fault when I purchased them. But they both played too nicely and the price was right. Wouldn't mind something with Burstbuckers. I had a 12 Studio Deluxe II that had Burstbuckers. IMO they had a little less crunch than the 57's. As I noted earlier I love the sound of the 57's. I guess it just boils down to having options. Plus I am always looking for a reason to get a new axe, or anything git related really.
  4. Nothing permanent. Pickups, tone knobs and tuners.
  5. I'm getting the itch to get another Les Paul. I currently have a Trad Pro II Goldtop and a Classic in Sea Foam. If I'm not mistaken they both have the same pickups. 57 classic and Super 57. I apologize if I'm incorrect on that. They both just played so well at GC that I bought them without checking out the hardware. I wanted to get some feedback on whether or not it is better to get a Studio and change out the pickups, tone knobs, etc... Or just mod one I already have? I don't know if I could bring myself to mod one of the two I already own.I don't gig, although I'd love too, but I'm a rhythmn guitarist that can't sing. I do record my own tunes and play with some buddies here and there. Since I dont gig, is it really necessary to mod in the first place? Is it sacreligious to mod out a LP? I also own a ES 335 Studio, but am hesitant to mess with that one too. I appreciate the feedback.
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