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  1. I recently purchased a Spirit guitar which I like very much except for the position of the volume control knob. It is placed exactly where like to rest my fingers. I find it incredibly frustrating. I was even considering exchanging it for a left handed version which would of course put the controls on top. So now I'm wondering if anyone else out there has the same issue or is it Just Me? I'd appreciate any comments or advice. David
  2. Have you considered just playing it upside down. The leg rest would be in the wrong place of course, but I never use it anyway. The volume, tone and selector switches would actually be in a better position. I find the volume control to be exactly where it shouldn't be. Constantly gets in the way. Maybe that's just me. The Spirit logo would be upside down but who cares about that. Then it's just a matter of swapping the strings and moving the saddles to fix the intonation.
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