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  1. In this video you will see 5 proven methods to break out of the usual rhythmic patterns. [media]https://youtube.com/watch?v=OPQ5y6nCo5I[/media]
  2. Here is a guitar solo ideas collection video with 31 useful methods to start any guitar solo. If you feel that your improvisation needs some fresh ideas then this video will be helpful. I've given names to all the 31 ideas, like "Count 1 To 10" or "Tennis Match" or "Garfield On Monday", so that the method can be easily memorized. (I've written also a PDF with more detailed info on each of the 31 methods - download link below the video.)
  3. Thanks very much, glad you liked it! I reversed the original audio recordings and tabbed out the mirror versions, plus added new bass and drum arrangements. It was not easy, because I had to play differently - for example, if I muted a note (i.e. it became shorter), then in the reversed version this note had a missing STARTING section, meaning that it stared later, creating a rhythmic displacement. :) PS Yes, Greeny is a very handsome guitar, thanks! PPS :D
  4. Thanks! :) 2 correct answers out of 3 is a very good result, congrats! These reverse melodies were quite tricky riddles.
  5. Hi guys! This is my new Gibson, a 2015 Seafoam Green Classic, and I love it! I have made a new fun video with it. Do you know these very famous melodies? And do you recognize them played backwards? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TQ2e37za3o
  6. I'm very happy to present the first video of my guitar instructional video series. Expect a lot more to come in the coming months. _ Happy practicing, and share this video if you think your guitarist friends will find it useful! _ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh78sR1j_n0
  7. Thanks very much! Wow, a Blue Quilted top 335 is stunning. I hope you'll have one soon :)
  8. Oh I see, I seem to have misread this info in your previous post. The BB King model must be amazing, I've tried a few 335 but I've never played a BB King guitar, I hope to have the opportunity one day.
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