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  1. it seems that is better with a few of graphite .
  2. thank you very much. This afternoon, i will try graphite on the nut.often not too bad, so why not on the new brass nut ?
  3. Thank i will try this ! i'm sorry but i'm french, and i speak a little english but i don't understand all terms. What signify :" Make sure that the string is not binding in the not slot" in others words ? i hear a little "click" sometimes when the G-Tune act.Like some others guitar manually..... it seems like the string is blocked in the nut.
  4. Yes my guitar has the new zero fret adjustable nut. And i don't know why but the G-string is often too high, often too low.Perfect after tuning, and don't stay in tune after some minutes !
  5. Hello everybody, i have a Standard 2015 with G-Tune, and the G-string don't stay in tune, often too high, often too low after play some mn (after the tuning with the G-Tune). Have you the same problem, have you a solution because it's very difficult to play with a string who don't stay in tune all along a song ! thank you very much
  6. Hello everyone, i have some questions about my new Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015. I found this guitar really cool ! good sound, good playability, etc... But i have two others Les Paul without G-Force, and i have some doubt about his fiability ;) 1-if i change often tuning on my guitar with the G-Tune (for example change to standard tuning in E into Eb), the tension on stings is not the same and the truss rod must be adjusting ? or not ? 2-must we need to maintain the mechanicals of the G-Force ? because i'm not sure about his fiability in time ..... 3-using manuel tuning sometimes can damage the mechanicals ? Thank you in advance for the reply. Have a good week end !
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