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  1. thanks jon. cant take more pics atm, i had borrowed the camera i took those pics with. any ideas about the colour, not seen one in that type of green.
  2. http://s1027.photobu...1hxjm7.jpg.html thats the first of 6 pics, hope this helps
  3. having some probs sending them, i'll keep trying ( not good with computers :S )
  4. hi all. im hoping someone can help me with identifying my kramer. it has striker on the truss rod cover, its fitted with the original quadrail pickups in a HSH format, and has the gibson type bridge and stop-piece. volume and tone control, which doubles as a coil split for the neck and bridge pickup, its fitted with gotoh tuners and has a strat type 5 way pickup selector. srial no S02020178. the body is n absolutely gorgeous dark green 'flame'. ive looked everywhere on all the sites i can find and ive not been able to find one the same as mine :( i have photos but the files are too big to upload, but im happy to send them by email if asked. id be very grateful for any assistance with this , and i thank you all in advance. regards to all here :)
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