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  1. Rad! It came out great!!!!! Here's a new shot of my V jr.
  2. Custom Shop - '67 Flying V Wine Red - 198,000 Yen ($2,050 US) ^ l l l That's a good price!
  3. If anyone wants to hear what the V jr sounds like through a 5150 head listen to the first song here www.myspace.com/wonkerband I just put up on our page, an un-mastered, fader mixed only and without vocals version of “Mission and Ramona” So it's what the V and 5150 sound like raw. This is the recording that will be on the Album, but in a mastered version with the vocals. Let me know if you still like Humbuckers more after hearing this.
  4. If you like it then get it. But I ask you to please don’t buy it and support Gibson crap offering as of late
  5. The Reverend Ron Asheton model is neat...but I like my Gibson V better.
  6. I couldn't have said that any better!!!
  7. ^ l l l You know all those threads on all the guitar forums that basically ask "What do I need for awesome tone?" This is the answer. /allotherthreads!
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