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  1. Please use these files for the Mixtrack 3/3Pro and replace both the dd_commands.h and Mixtrack 3.c files with the ones included in here to get the tap command working. This file also contains bug fixes and overall usability improvements. AGAIN, IN ORDER FOR THE TAP BUTTON TO WORK, BOTH THE FILES IN THE ZIP FOLDER NEED EXTRACTED INTO THE NUMARK FOLDER IN SCRIPT_FILES AND THE PREVIOUS VERSIONS OVERWRITTEN OR DELETED.
  2. So this is embarrassing given that I spend a lot of time writing scripts, but I am looking at getting a DVS license. Only problem is that I am currently not sure of the best way to go about that given the current state of the activation system. How are people currently handling this?
  3. This is fixable using scripting. Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with the differences between the normal versions of deckadance and the Steam version. I do know that there were some changes with the way midi signals were interpreted since releases 3 years ago.
  4. I will see what I can do with this info. It is unlikely i will be able to get the platters working correctly and I definitely will not get the vu meter working right (Both things that get fine tuned on a controller basis). The pads will also be difficult to get working correctly without having the controller in front of me. The basic button and knobs will be set but again, dont count on midi output as that is the sort of thing i typically debug with the controller in front of me.
  5. In order for a script to appear for this controller, either a member of the community or one of the developers would need to write it. Unfortunately right now, the developers have their hands full with a couple of other problems. I would be happy to look into writing a rudimentary script for you, but you would need to post the MIDI outputs given from the controller here on the forum as well as to what button they coorespond to. Short of me finding this controller cheap on ebay, that is the only way I would be able to help you.
  6. The tap button is a scripting feature that was introduced in the last beta and is still pending further implementation in Deckadance. Due to how Deckadance currently processes this command, no current scripts in existence currently function properly with it due to all of them needing rewritten to take advantage of it. This is something that I will look into implementing appropriately in my scripts in the future and in the Behringer PL1 device as this is a device I also own. Please be patient.
  7. Hi Frank In order for a script to appear for this controller, either a member of the community or one of the developers would need to write it. Unfortunately right now, the developers have their hands full with a couple of other problems. To the best of my knowledge, Numark changed some midi addresses when they went from the DJ2GO 1 to V2, as a result the scrip wouldn't work correctly.
  8. This is my personal guess, but I would imagine not well. One of the most recent problems that I am aware of is that with the closure/transfer of cakewalk, Deckadance has not only lost its platform for being sold, but also for being licensed. This is a major problem because it currently means that purchasing a new Deckadance license is very difficult (if not impossible) but being able to get Deckadance to move out of demo mode and into its full functionality is also difficult without help from Luis.
  9. To answer your questions in order. 1. For you, sticking with 2.43 and earlier is probably the best option because of how that controller's functionality was built into deckadance. 2. In order to do midi mapping, then yes, you will need to either buy DD standard of DD DVS editions. DD OEM was shipped with devices from Behringer and DJtech for a couple years and is a locked down version of DD that only works with controllers from those specific manufactures. 3. For your controllers, there is no existing script. The MIDI scripts for deckadance are written in a language called AngleScript, a very loose derivative of the C programming language. When your controllers were working with deckadance (V2.43 and earlier), they were functioning due to pieces of code written directly into deckadance's execution routines. That code that made your controllers work (and the code that is deckadance), was written in the programming language of C++. From V2.5 onwards, all of the controller code written in C++ (and thereby included in the main Deckadance code), was removed in favor of MIDI scripting. This was done because with midi scripting, you have better control over what your Midi controllers can control. As you have found out, the downside was that before the changeover, various controllers that used to work no longer function due to various different reasons. I encourage you to try using the built in deckadance midi mapping utilty as a starting point to generate your own script and then seeing if someone who is more familiar with how DD scripting works can optimize it for you (feel free to reach out to me once you have generated a script).
  10. TheMoroney


    I know that right now due to the imminent closing of cakewalk, there are some issues with activating deckadance. In order for people to be able to offer you useful help though, you are going to need to elaborate on what didn't work. Was it the controller itself? Was it installing deckadance? Was it activation? What troubleshooting steps have you taken? What was it that you were trying to do? Each of these questions can result in a different help answer.
  11. Hi huw, It is possible that Ableton is not looking where the deckadance vst is installed. I am not sure if Decakdance as a vst is a option on mac, but by default the VST is installed in the program location for Windows. In theory, it should be as simple as pointing Ableton at the deckadance install folder and clicking search.
  12. The answers to your questions in reverse order. 2. The best suggestion I have would be to look at a couple of other scripts that are included in Deckadance. There is no one way to program something. i know for me, when i have programmed a momentary button before, the code looked a little something like this. case 0x04: set(PITCH_BEND_NUDGE_MINUS_A, isDown); break; its not elegant, bit it worked. 1. as far as programming jog wheels go, there is no exact science that I have found, (Luis and Phatso, please correct me here if you have found a better way to do it). I mostly when programming jog wheels like to make it so that it feels right when I use the controller. Most jog wheels are encoder based so they will all have different values to begin with as far as rotation distance measured. for example, the settings in my Mixtrack 3 script look a bit like this. case 0x11: set(JOG_A, value - 64.0, 0.0001, -0.004); break; And the dj2go script jog wheel settings look like this. case 0x19: set(JOG_A, value - 64.0, -0.0001, 0.01); break; Granted, if I remember correctly, the dj2go script jog wheels are all messed up. I hope I have helped point you in the right direction as far as looking at how to do this.
  13. Midi tap is currently available in scripting only. As far as I know, no controllers currently compatible with Deckadance has this function programmed (although I could be wrong) even though the physical controller has the midi tap button. Admittedly the current lack of controllers supporting this button is partly my fault (see my previous post in this thread about supporting it on the mixtrack 3) this function was just added to Deckadance at the request of a user, so props to Luis and the Deckadance Dev team for taking the end user into account. I do believe that in time, you will see more controllers with this function turned on so I do encourage you to keep leaving feedback.
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