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  1. Hi, all, I need your help! I have a 2015 Gibson Memphis reissue `63 ES-335 VOS. It’s an amazing guitar. But I’m trying to find an original case for sale. I believe these came with the reissue Gibson case in black tolex with a gold interior, just like the originals in 1963. I can’t find one of the reissue cases ANYWHERE for sale! The closest I came was an old Music Zoo ad and one old listing on Reverb. Any ideas where I could find one of these ES cases from around 2015??? Thanks! Travis
  2. Looking for advice. I have a new fully hollow ES-390 with a red flamed maple top. Great guitar except one annoyance - the underside of the pickup toggle switch rattles/buzzes when I strum. It's an acoustic buzz under the top of the guitar, not an electrical problem. The guitar's circuit is fine and noise-free. The problem is most annoying when I'm playing unplugged or at low volumes. The metal prongs or the connecting wire vibrate somehow, though it's hard to figure out exactly what's making the sound. I tried reaching into the f-hole and wrapping the underside of the toggle switch with black electrical tape. I hoped it would stabilize whatever part of the switch that was rattling. But it didn't really work. The buzz still comes and goes. Is there some typical fix for this problem? Any ideas? Thanks! -Travis
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