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  1. There's probably a million threads about these but I don't care! I love it enough to start a thread all of its own. Picked up a 2009 Les Paul Jr. You read everywhere about how modern Gibsons aren't as good and blah blah blah. To those naysayers I say - come to my house and play my 2009 Les Paul Jr! I've always wanted a Jr ever since I saw Billie Corgan with one back when I was a kid, but the only times I've seen them for sale they've either been the models with 2 pickups (which I'm not into; they're nowhere near as cool) or have had that appalling Les Paul signature on the headstock
  2. well I figured because those little rubber fender blocks were only £3 I might as well try those. They're badass! No way that strap's coming off now! Thanks for the help, guys
  3. thank you for all the replies, gentlemen. I'm sorry its taken me so long to get back to you all. I understand that a lower output pickup will make it less like a V in terms of tone, but that's kind of the idea. I'm going to go for either the 57s or the good old 490/498 combo. Thanks
  4. My new V has the rather annoying habit of jumping out of its strap. Schaller strap locks seem to be the most popular but from what I've been reading they don't fit into Gibson strap holder thingy holes (excuse the technical jargon). Can anyone recommend a decent alternative?
  5. oh and I have a second question - what's the difference between the 4 connecter pickups and the normal ones? Normal ones are more expensive, which makes me inclined to believe they're better...
  6. Hi all, Picked up a flying V today which I totally love, but it's way too high output for my needs (why did I buy it? Purely on looks and playability). So I'm thinking a 57 classic and classic plus in the neck and bridge, respectively. I'm just wondering if there's any issue with doing this, as I know the V has a coil tap feature. I couldn't really care less about whether that still works, but I'm just checking to make sure there's no big deal with it when it comes to changing pups? Thanks
  7. well this thread got a lot more erotic than I expected, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed it
  8. Every now and then I get it into my head that I might want to switch out my 490/498s for something else. I don't even really know why, as I love how my guitar sounds. Out of curiosity, what kind of pick ups do you use and what style of music do you play?
  9. LOVE the doublecuts. I play a 1998 DC Standard and it's my favourite guitar ever.
  10. thanks, guys. I'll check all those out
  11. Any suggestions for ways to very cheaply record vocals and acoustic guitar together? I have software to record with, but unless I want to use my laptop's inbuilt microphone (which obviously I don't) I need to invest in some kit. Ideally it'd be a one microphone set up that'd record me playing guitar and singing at the same time, but I understand that might not be feasible due to my having a BIG voice and often playing quite quiet guitar parts alongside it. I guess maybe some compression'd fix that. I dunno. Not looking for professional standard, necessarily. It's just for funzie
  12. Hi all, I'm fairly certain my LP DC has 9s on it, and I'd like to change them to 10s. Will I need to get the neck adjusted if I do? Also, any recommendation on brands? Thanks
  13. bumping this with a question: does anyone know if a heavier gauge of string would make this better or worse? I use 9s currently but think I'm going to switch to 10s
  14. thanks, man. Yeah it's not like it's really bad, but it can be noticed. I do think a lot of it is just my being a little too heavy handed so that's something I need to work on. I did a little research and it does seem like DCs are quite well known for having a wobbly neck on account of a weaker neck joint. Is there anything I can do to strengthen it to stop it ever having problems or is it a case of waiting until there is a problem and fixing it?
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