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  1. Hi! Been looking for a 1972 Gibson ES-325 (inspired by the one played by Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill). Judging by the one played by Caleb (which Gibson repaired, seen here), three things stand out to me about it: The pickup covers had the "Gibson" name embossed (quote from Gibson: "it has the “Gibson” name embossed on the pickup covers and Gibson only did that for one year — 1972.") The headstock has no writing or symbols on it The tuning keys are chrome All-original (supposedly) 1972 Gisbon ES-325s pop up for sale from time to time, but a few differences pop up between them: "Gibson" might not be embossed on the pickup covers The headstock has the crown looking symbol on it (see pic below) The tuning keys are pearloid (again, see pic below) One seller even told me that there are two versions of the 325 and many differences between both. Is this true? Are all these variations normal for the same model year? Thanks so much!
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