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  1. Hi ! A (very) late feedback following all your answers. I managed to buy a Gibson Togpot from someone who had bought it a long time ago but did not install it. I very recently installed it as a replacement to the broken one I had. And it appeared it broke only after a few switching test. The switching was completely faulty (bad contact in one side) which made impossible to connect one of the pickup. It was exactly the same default as the previous one. So it seems a plausible reason as to why Gibson has stopped selling those :) They don't seem too reliable... I guess I'll fallback on other 'classic' switch for 3 pickups guitar. Might have to sacrifice on tone pot for a volume pot but that'll be another story ! Again, thanks all for you help ! M.K.
  2. Hello Kaiser Bill, I contacted stewmac a couple of days ago following a lead I got on another forum. They answered me that they didn't have an equivalent to the togpot. They have other switches that can handle a 3-humbucker config like on the Kirk Douglas SG, but they don't act similarly as the original one. The togpot acts as a 3-way switch + potentiometer : - The 3-way switch enables to select Bridge/Bridge+Neck/Neck pickups - The potentiometer enables to control the volume of the middle pickup. M.K.
  3. Thank you Bence ! I contacted them to verify the behavior of that peculiar switch (since the description is not so plain). I'll keep you posted once I get an answer
  4. Hi all! I hope it's the right place to post this. I acquired a second-hand Kirk Douglas SG which came with a broken togpot. I took a look at the togpot, and it seems one of the previous owner made a dirty repair, soldering one part of the selector, making the Bridge pickup always on. Basically I've been trying for weeks to find an equivalent to this "togpot": Gibson doesn't seem to sell any (!) and I can't find anywhere anything that fits the description of a "three way selector + potentiometer". Do you have any idea what could act as replacement part for the togpot ? Thank you !
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