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  1. I have a 2011 LP Trad Plus, and a guy asked me the difference between my 2011 TradPlus and a 2011 Trad? I kinda stared at him like he asked me to divide two fractions. Whats the difference again?
  2. Its weird, I think its cool to watch austin city limits and see someone playing a road worn guitar. It just looks like the dude/dudet has been paying their dues. BUT, I dont want mine to look like that. So I bought a Jackson USA Soloist new, and everyone said just be careful with the point. And sure enough I had the thing out of the case a minute and half and of course bumped the point into a freakin chair. I remember sitting there for a min just staring at the floor thinking, "you gotta be kidding". So "I feel your pain".
  3. Well my 11' LP Trad Plus arrives Fri and I dont think I have too many. Now, my wife just rolled her eyes when i said I was getting a new ax for xmas (the above mentioned guitar). I tried the, "each guitar has a different voice" and she looked at me like I just soiled myself. So I dont even try to explain why I want a new gtar. They just show-up and I hope for the best.
  4. Im withya on the buying from Sweetwater. I've bought 2 highend gtars, (Gretsch 6128T-TVP, Jackson SL1T Soloist), and they were flawless. Sweetwater inspects every ax that goes out. I only buy from SW Sound.
  5. Yeah I have to admit I keep saying im gonna play out. But I chicken out. I do the chicken out routine about once a week. I just cant seem to get over it.
  6. Excuse me while I slit my wrists. Things couldnt be that bad look at the sweet axe she's holding. Man it does sound sweet though. Wonder how old that gtar is?
  7. "Me and my ole lady", Cheech and Chong
  8. I like the Gibson Masterbuilt Prem.'s myself. I've tried other brands just to see what was out there, but the Gibson's sound the best to me. Like everything in axville, its personal choice.
  9. Awwww how cute, looks just like ya. Wait a minute, actually more like the mail man. Hmmmm. Congrats on the new ax.
  10. You mentioned he has a girlfriend. Theres your fly in the ointment. If she knows your a female I guarantee he's getting heat for that. "Oh you want to spend time with your little girlfriend instead of me!" Oh I can hear it now. No theres your problem. Find someone else.
  11. My 185 ec is an Oct. 08 build date. Bought it in Feb of 09. I paid $2150 for it from Samedaymusic. Thats not what they wanted to sell it for, but Gibson dealers have to purchase a certain amount of product yearly regardless if they sell what they have in stock. (I've been told 250k annually). So they were anxious to get rid of inventory. Mine is maple and I dont think you give up low end with the maple body. The jumbo design allows for excellent base response. Good luck
  12. Why did i buy a 3k gibson and pay $40.00 an hour for lessons? She or he, has got a Richie Havens thing goin.
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