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  1. I ended up exchanging it for the red model, which blends much nicer. http://imgur.com/YotCrjY
  2. Well it looks like that's just the way the pacific blue model is. I just got back from picking up my new one and it was the same way. I'm exchanging it for the brilliant red fade, can't go wrong with red haha. It is a bit disappointing though.
  3. Yeah it was disappointing to open it up and have the guitar look like that. I'm getting the new one Monday, and I'm crossing my fingers that it looks better than that.
  4. I was kind of wary ordering a guitar online, but I really liked the way the Gibson SG Futura - Pacific Blue looked. I was really excited to see a guitar in such a cool "blue" color. When I got to the store to pick up my guitar, I took a look at it and the color difference between the neck and the body seemed very drastic. I know the neck and body are two different woods, so I was expecting some difference, but the body is more of a deep green. Here is an album with a couple pictures I took: http://imgur.com/a/8fFJd Does anyone know if this is the way it is supposed to look? They said they would return it and see if they could get a new one for me, but I wanted to check whether this is correct or not before I pick up the new one. Thanks! Edit: Also, if anyone has a picture of their own Gibson SG Futura in pacific blue, I'd love to see some pictures so I could compare. I haven't been able to see any customer photos of this specific color.
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