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  1. I will not publish my Serial. No expires date @ my version. Hope your problems will get soved have a nice day.
  2. Maybe Denon can buy Deckadance from gipson. Just an idea. Would be cool if we could migrate like from imageline to gipson.
  3. ThY for the update. Lets hope for the best. I have a old Denon controller. So i get news from them they have they'r own DJ software now too. I have downloaded it but not installed. Maybe u can check it out. I guess the Demo is free. Dont know anything aboud it no time.
  4. @Raf VDM: I needed to write a script that my midicontroler worked. I have made a view changes. I would be happy if i could get it to work like a standard controller. Because im a noob and i would like to know how standard works. But u made good sugestions. Bass mid and treble could also be reset when loading a new track.
  5. Didn't looked that deep into it. I just thought about 4 days ago maybe i get another DJ software for masscompability. Just did a quick scan what is out there (and used by a lot of ppl. I Would realy like if i could export a part of my library onto a USB stick including Cue points, Beatgrid, coment, ect. . That would be cool if u don't have to take the whole PC with u if u go to a gig. But i'm not motivated enough. And i don't like other companys licencing models. (Like i sad above.)
  6. rekordbox is the name. I dont know how popular they are, but like i sad they work close together with Pioneer so i think they are a big player. Traktor and Serato are the known big names. But i think this are too much enemy product names in one post. I still prefer DD because of the licence model.
  7. Sadly development on DD is pretty dead right now. Serato is much ahead in the game and one other company i forgot the product name (they're close to Pioneer). But both have licencing models that suck. But this addon buy that addon buy the new version. Imageline has the best licencing model, that's why i got DD. Till now i don't reget buying DD, gibson also didn't disapointed me. It would be awesome if they could come alive again.
  8. Quick question. Why is track max length 12 min? DD is my main audio player right now. Sometimes i like to listen a continuous mix. Or classical music. Witch can be longer. So why u limit artist freedom. U can say it's because a DJ has got to do something. To me this arument is bs, because u have also a automix feature in your software. I don't get this. In Earlyer DD versions this was no Problem. If it is a memory problem witch i cant beleieve, in a time where usually also bad PC's have 16Gb RAM. So if ist is a Memory problem just drop a error message when u put a to long track in a Deck. Sorry if this post. Is a bit to aggressive. It's meant to be constructive criticism.
  9. FIXED! After Fall Creators update (win10 64bit). When i try to start DD Beta i only see splash screen. Bedind the splash screen is a preparicng installation window but nothing is happening. Before the win Update there was no problem. https://youtu.be/COioWOcqGf0 Problem is fixed by reinstalling souncard drivers. (I have a Yamaha AG06)
  10. My pleasure! Sadly irregular :) I just noticed the order of the Layout is awesome! Earlyer i thought it could be better. But when scripting u can just increase by 2 and you have a pervect 2 Deckplayer, increments of 1 you have a 4 Deckplayer. It is great!
  11. I still would love a voting system. (For feature wishes.) I see in the forum that would be possible. (With the plus and minus Button) But when people like myself write a bunch of features in one Post it breaks the idea. Because usually u don't like every wish the same or think it is that important. And the hole structue is a bit to blown up if u write one featur per post. I have seen Unrealengine using a external site. For the management of feature requests. But haven't found it right now i will search for it. This is not what i rememberd. But the functional design looks great to me. Only votes anweres heading and watches visible. And u can klick on it and discuss and look at a better desctiption. Unrealengine Features
  12. My pleasure ;) I guess u are a developer Luis Serrano. If so Please don't waste your time with wikipedia. This can be done by users. Maybe not that pervect. But good enough.
  13. I changed a bit. (Just the most important) Still a much to do. (Everybody is Welcome to wor on the padge.) -Infobox Developer Name: from Imageline to Stanton. Stable Release: From 2.74 ? to 2.72 I don't know when 2.72 was released. Website Link: From Image-Line somwewhat, to Stanton -External links Changed Official Website Link From the broken imageline to Stanton. Added Link To this forum.
  14. First I like the new version so far haven't looked in deep. But it seems to run stable (Standalone and as vst in FLstudio) The Filter in the mid region got smoother right? If yes i like it! Here is one Crash i get. https://youtu.be/EFKnrCjNeiI When Keylock is off and i spin the jog hard back DD is crashing 100% With Keylock on no problem. Spinning Forward no problem. Scratching no problem. Edit: I think that has to do with my Controller. I found in the manual a line that touch is deactitated when it is not in Vinyl mode. I still don't get a how it ist designed. Now my wishes. -"virtual deck" widget should be displayable or not like "Smart Utility Panels" (edit. just saw the option in Preverences -> Layout) would like it more if it was like the "Smart Utility Panels" -velocity number in the "virtual deck" widget would be great. (also for controllers) -I would love to see the "Smart Utility Panels" in the horizontal mode. (with a reduced design like the zoom.) -In horizontal mode i miss the beatgid going throu. -And the crossfader / Channel Volume Control is also missing in horizontal mode IMHO. Maybe put it in there as a "Smart Utility Panel" -Better vst compability (vst3) would be awesome. Never got my FabFilter plugins working. (my goto workadound is FLstudio) -Highlite EQ Filter and Crossfader in middle Position. Like So: -Midi Command for scrubbing throu preview. Question: -Is the ("Tap" MIDI command [DD-405]) for the Beatgrid? -I don't understand how to use [DD-389] Got it! (In my words: "Changes the Key of the Deck That it fits to the Key of the masterdeck. But with as minimal Key cahnge as possible.") I was confused with the word "find" i thought it woul search trou the Library and load a track that fits to the Deck. But that was a bit a strange function. (to Automix like) ;) ___ @Scoox for filter full cut there is a workaround if u use a Midicontroller. C:\Program Files (x86)\Stanton\Deckadance 2\script_files In this folder you should search for the midiscript u use. (make a backupcopy) Open it with an editor. Search in the file for "EQ_LOW_A" than copy this code in and replace the hex number with the one in your scriptfile. Hex numer is between "case" and the ":" 0x is short for Hex. case 0x04: if(((get(EQ_LOW_A)-value01)<=0.12)&&((value01-get(EQ_LOW_A))<=0.12)) {if(value==0 )set(EQ_LOW_KILL_A) ; else { if(1==get(EQ_LOW_KILL_A)) set(EQ_LOW_KILL_A); set(EQ_LOW_A,value01); }} break; //EQlowA case 0x03: if(((get(EQ_MID_A)-value01)<=0.12)&&((value01-get(EQ_MID_A))<=0.12)) {if(value==0 )set(EQ_MID_KILL_A) ; else { if(1==get(EQ_MID_KILL_A)) set(EQ_MID_KILL_A); set(EQ_MID_A,value01); }} break; //EQmidA case 0x02: if(((get(EQ_HIGH_A)-value01)<=0.12)&&((value01-get(EQ_HIGH_A))<=0.12)) {if(value==0 )set(EQ_HIGH_KILL_A) ; else { if(1==get(EQ_HIGH_KILL_A)) set(EQ_HIGH_KILL_A); set(EQ_HIGH_A,value01);}} break; //EQhighA right under this void OnMidiMessageReceived (const string &in name, int status, int data, int value) { copy this float value01 = value / 127.0; and it should work. Don't forget the other decks this was just DeckA. When you do other Decks u have to change the Hex number and instead of A on the end u have to write B ect. After that your eq controlls shouldn't jump far and kill when -max. (jump far means when u change EQ with the mouse to +max and on the controller it is @ -max. If u move the EQ on the controller a bit it jumps right to the controller position from +max to nearly -max witch is bad IMO) With that code it just jumps 12% i think. U have to turn teh controll till u are 12% away from the value it is in DD and than u controll it with your controller. U maybe have to fiddle around with the 12% depending on how fast you turn your knobs. And how often your controller sends messages to your PC. But 12% works pretty good for me. The 12% is the 0.12, 1 would be 100% and 0.01 1 %. Problem is the kill is a on and off thing still its not nice smooth. If u can't understand what i was writing Scoox and your controller has a script. Send me the name and i can write it for you. ___ Bug? I dont kanow if thi is a bug. -When i Load a Track in a Deck the "Tempo/Pitch value" is getting reseted. If u use a Controller that is anoying.
  15. I guess chances are bad. If i have seen it right that is a Legacy product. (i'm just a user like u can't talk for the staff) Best is u do it yourself. First use the midi learn function that way u have a bit a overview what does what. Than get Notepad. Make a copy of the sctipt u created. And make a new based on the info u have. I havent seen a Table on the website where u can see what knob triggers what signal. Thats Bad. But maybe u have one on a paper. If u put a bit work in it u can get some nice stuff out of it.
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