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  1. Afrevele

    Guitar ID

    Yea kinda figured, know it’s old and is well built. Pots kinda gave it away. Any idea of the maker? Guessing 70’s/80’s?
  2. Afrevele

    Guitar ID

    https://imgur.com/gallery/uCPFA89 sorry here’s the photo link!
  3. Afrevele

    Guitar ID

    Don’t know why but I can add any photos. How can you add anything with a 500kb limit?
  4. Afrevele

    Guitar ID

    Trying to figure this one out. Was given to me by a close friend. No serial number I can find. Definitely Korina as far as I can tell. Gibson branded tuners. Volume/ tone pots are the smaller which seems to me to be Asian made? No markings on the tops, not sure about the sides. Dunno, any help appreciated!
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