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  1. Thanks. I've got a set of covered Suhr Thornbuckers on the way for my honeyburst classic. The plan is to fit them and put the scratchplate back on.
  2. Les Paul Classic Custom Light 2016. And with the family.
  3. The lightest of my 2 Les pauls is just under 10lbs and it makes me smile when guys more heavily built than me (I'm 5' 10'' and 150 lbs) tell me they love the sound of Les Pauls but find them too heavy to play for any length of time. It doesn't make them wrong (or wimps), just shows that people's preferences vary. I think it just depends what you are used to or what you are expecting. If you find one that you love I think you'll find that if you buy it, the more you play it the less you'll notice how much it weighs.
  4. What I would do is put away all my other guitars and leave these two out on stands. Then after a couple of weeks see which one I had reached for and played more. I'd keep that one and sell the other.
  5. That looks fantastic, I like the 'aged' darker binding on any guitar but it particularly suits yours.
  6. I've put Irongear pickups in three Epi Les Pauls over the last few years. I put a pair of Hot Slags in two, and a Hot Slag in the bridge and an Alchemist 90 humbucker sized P90 in the neck position of the other. Considering the stupidly cheap price of these pickups I can't recommend them highly enough. As replacements for standard Epi pickups the difference is huge in my opinion, so much clearer and more defined, they also make it far easier to roll off gain with the volume knob. I used to have a Gibson LP Standard with a Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen P90 in the neck and to my ear the Alchemist 90 doesn't sound inferior. I wouldn't recommend chucking out Gibson pickups to put these in, but with Epi ones I say go for it. As has already been mentioned, Axetec are great to deal with and their other gear is excellent quality as well. I replace old-style non-locking bridges, volume and tone pots, and caps with Axetec ones on any Epi I buy. As for the Bluesengines, I can't really comment on them except to say if I were thinking of getting some, I would just go for it. Thats what I did with the Hot Slags and was very pleasantly suprised.
  7. This is my favourite guitar on the forum, just beautiful. Here is my gear:
  8. The droptune sounds great to my ear although probably not good enough to record with it. I find it handy for playing the odd QOTSA or A Perfect Circle song without needing a spare guitar or putting up with really slack strings. The 3 button box is a Bright Onion ABY Dual Looper: http://www.brightonion.co.uk/products/ABY-Dual-Looper.html
  9. Droptune -> Wah/Volume -> Tuner -> Dual Looper -> OD/Dist (In 1st loop) -> Tremolo (In 2nd loop) -> Flanger (In 2nd loop) -> Delay.
  10. Placebo. Can't pick one favourite but it would probably be out of Teenage Angst, Without You I'm nothing, or Every You Every Me.
  11. Generally I prefer female vocals to male. Karen Carpenter, Kate Bush and Tori Amos are some of my favourites but I'd have to go with Katie Jane Garside.
  12. The worst retail experience I've ever heard involved my cousin about 15 years ago. She was pregnant with her first child and she went with her husband to Mothercare and spent a few hundred pounds on buggies, clothes etc. Tragically the baby was stillborn. When they took the stuff back, the store refused to refund them until they saw a death certificate. No joke.
  13. At my house my guitars get tuned each time they get taken out of their cases to play. When playing, they only get tuned if I notice they are straying out of tune. Its a different matter at gigs. My rule of thumb is check between every song (silently with pedal tuner) and tune if necessary, but do it quickly so it doesn't disrupt the flow of the performance. If there isn't time then let it go unless you know you are out of tune. I used to be in a band where the other guitarist insisted on spending ages tuning between every song even if it meant holding up the rest of the band and making the audience wait, it used to drive me nuts.
  14. KatieJane Garside is one of my favourite vocalists, I'm a big QueenAdreena and Ruby Throat fan.
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