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    Gemini G2V

    I too have the Gemini G2V and was wondering if a mapping could be made.
  2. Is there any chance of seeing Deckadance come to the 64 bit version would love to see that so things run smoothly in Ableton without any RAM limit.
  3. Oh I'm using a Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD Audio Interface
  4. I'm have a problem with Deckadance running audio at 192khz in ASIO. The filter cannot process the low pass as it does at 48khz or lower, I'm processing at a 512 sample rate with lowest latency, if I go lower than 192 kHz then latency will increase, I need the least amount of latency possible to scratch on time, but the filter becomes an issue, any help?
  5. Thank you so much, this would help out a lot on my sets
  6. Can you add a slip feature so when scratching, the song continues as if nothing happened when I take my hand off the jog wheel?
  7. Just a thought, can you maybe find a way to make a link between the CMD MM-1 and the CMD PL-1 so when I press the square button in the middle of the MM-1 it acts as a shift button so I can delete hot cues?
  8. This is my issue, if I turn on 1 PL-1, the other turns on as well and I can't use both.
  9. [issue] 1. Deckadance reads 2 Behringer CMD PL-1's as 1 and I can only use 1 at a time or else they don't work properly. please fix this so Deckadance reads one and the other as separate controllers like 2.45 can in the supported controllers tab 2. Reads the BPM WAY better but still needs to be on time on account to where the 1st beat is, it reads some songs as 4123 and so on. 3. Response time still has noticeable lag on jog wheels (need to scratch) pads, knobs and sliders. 4. Error with CMD PL-1 Script that every time I turn the loop and leap knob, they turn the beat repeat slicer all the way to the smallest value and DON'T turn to the greatest value.
  10. Just got it, first fresh thoughts. Really loving the Midi Controller simplicity, Adds to the Cleanliness and Custom Script capabilities compared to version 2.45
  11. Where can I get the 2.50 update?
  12. Can you please make a mapping command for the tabs so I can scroll through all the different views with a knob? and a library for samples only and beat tracking, with a virtual spinning deck for scratching, to know where the virtual needle is at.
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  14. Thank you for keeping it VST! and will there be lifetime free updates
  15. Hello I was wondering if Deckadance will continue as a standalone and VST Plugin because I currently use the full Deckadance layout inside FL Studio
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